samedi 4 avril 2015

The Story of Luv': the countdown has started!!!!

Since November, I've written several articles about the publication of "The Story of Luv" (a book written by Peter Boonstra including exclusive pictures and a compilation featuring Luv' singles, plus the medley "3X3 Is Disco" (previously unreleased on CD) and 2015 Matt Pop remixes of "Life Is On My Side" and "Trojan Horse").

One of the rare photos of Luv' recently revealed on Facebook and which will appear in "Story of Luv"

Recently, Peter announced on Facebook that the manuscript was sent to the printer (see news posted on March 19th, 2015). Earlier this week, he told his FB friends that he received the first copies of "The Music of Luv" CD compilation:

Peter presenting "The Music of Luv"

"The Music of Luv" (released by Universal Music Netherlands) - Click here to see the track listing

A video to promote "The Story of Luv" has been uploaded on YouTube by Peter. The soundtrack for this upload is an excerpt from Matt Pop's remix of "Life Is On My Side":

Dutch remixer/producer Matt Pop has posted enthusiastic messages in English on his FB page about the project:

A release party of "The Story of Luv" combined with a fan club meeting will be held at Wisseloord Studios (where the trio recorded their hit records) on May 2nd in Hilversum, NL. Marga Scheide and José Hoebee will be present. The ladies support Peter's initiative and took part in his project. They told anecdotes about their Luv' years. Their stories will appear in the book.

In addition to the publication of never seen before photos, José and Marga did a shoot with professional photographer Herman Erik Kuiper (in association with Stephan Wijnen) in late January. These pictures will be included in the book.

Patty Brard wants to forbid the book through her lawyer (see news posted on March 10th, 2015). But nothing is going to stop the publication as the author has been given the permission to use pictures by the photographers. However, Patty's lawyer has managed to forbid the image of Luv' on the T-shirt (which is available in addition to the book). Instead, a "neutral" version of the T-shirt has been designed:

Because of Patty's veto, there have been changes in the release of the book. 

Click here to pre-order "The Story Of Luv".

Package (including entrance fee to the fan club meeting):
1: Book + entrance (€30,-) 
2: Book + entrance + T-shirt  (€50,-) 

Package (excluding entrance fee to the fan club meeting). Additionnal cost for fans abroad: €5,50
 1: Book (€32,50) (€38,-) 
 2: Book + T-shirt (€52,50) (€58,-) 

Extra options (several choices possible)
 1 extra entrance fee (€5,-) 
 2 extra entrance fees (€10,-) 
 3 extra entrance fees (€15,-) 
 1 extra book (€25,-) 
 2 extra books (€50,-) 
 3 extra books (€75,-) 
 1 extra T-shirt (€25,-) 

A limited edition of "The Story of Luv" will be available to replace the former photo packages. Soon more info at

Source: Facebook (Peter Boonstra, The Story of Luv', Matt Pop, Herman Erik Kuiper), YouTube

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  1. Le remix de "Life is on my side" laisse présager quelque chose de bon ! Je suis en principe méfiant avec les remixes, qui sont souvent de qualité inférieure à la version originale et n'apportent rien d'intéressant...mais j'ai hâte de découvrir celui-ci en intégralité !