samedi 21 janvier 2017

Roy Donders and Patty present their duet single at the "Polonaise 2017" show

On January 19th, Roy Donders and Patty Brard performed their duet single "Wat zijn ze lekker" for the first time during the taping for the TV show "Polonaise 2017" of "Hart voor Muziek" at the Witte Huis in Zeeland, NL. 

The text of this Carnival song is a shining example of double entendre: "Wat zijn ze lekker, wat zijn ze groot. Twintig centimeter, Brabants worstenbrood" ("They taste so good, they are so big. 20 centimeters of Brabants sausage roll"). 

Roy and Patty came up with this idea for a while. "We've been in touch for a couple of years," La Brard told Dutch local TV channel "Omroep Brabant" before her performance. "Anytime we met, I giggled just because I saw him".

"Since day one we've had lots of fun. It's important to enjoy what you do," Roy explained. 

The audience seemed to appreciate their duet. "They even sang along," Patty said.

TV report about Roy & Patty's duet on Omroep Brabant

"Wat zijn ze lekker" by Roy Donders & Patty Brard appears on the compilation "Polonaise Deel 13" (released by Berk Music). 

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Source: Omroep Brabant, Berk Music

jeudi 19 janvier 2017

Shownieuws: viewing figures on January 18th

Yesterday, the 11 p.m edition of SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" featured Renate Gerschtanowitz-Verbaan as the anchor with Patty Brard and Maurice Wijnen as showbiz experts. The TV program drew 888.000 viewers (market share: 23.4%).

Source: SBS 6, SKO

Patty is warning Virginia against Peter Jan Rens

Virginia & Peter Jan Rens

In her latest column for Weekend Magazine, Patty Brard warns Virginia (wife of Dutch media personality Peter Jan Rens) against her husband. Currently, the couple appears on a reality show on RTL 5 about the preparations for their wedding. Apparently Peter Jan Rens is heavily indebted and once married Virginia might be responsible for 50% of his debts. Patty hopes that the young woman will contact a lawyer to anticipate a bad situation. 

This risky position reminds Patty of her money problems with her third husband during the broadcast of her reality show "Patty's Posse" in 2003-2004.

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

Luv' on Musikladen extra

"Musikladen" was a German music television program that ran from December 13th, 1972 to November 29th, 1984 on Radio Bremen. The crème de la crème of pop, rock and disco music performed on this iconic TV show: Amanda Lear, ABBA, Boney M., Village People, Blondie and many other legendary bands. Luv' appeared 9 times on "Musikladen".

One (digital channel operated by ARD) has decided to broadcast "Musikladen Extra" in five parts (featuring the best archives from the TV show). On February 5th, 2017, the episode entitled "Hitparade 1978" will air between 11:25 a.m and 12:05 p.m and will include Luv' performing "Trojan Horse" (originally broadcast on December 14th, 1978). 

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Patty Brard on "Naar Bed Met Irene"

SBS 6 diva Patty Brard has been added to the guest list of the first season of Irene Moors' talk show "Naar Bed Met Irene" that will start again in two days after a Christmas break. The former Luv' singer praised this TV program in a column for Weekend magazine (see news posted on November 25th, 2016). 


lundi 16 janvier 2017

Patty Brard & Roy Donders at the taping of "Hart voor Muziek"

Recently, Patty Brard and Roy Donders teamed up to record a Carnival song (see news posted on November 30th, 2016). They will be performing for the taping of "Hart voor muziek" (a music TV program broadcast on several local channels in the Netherlands). The show will take place at the concert hall "Het Witte Huis" in Zeeland, NL on January 19th. 

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dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Patty: "Vier Handen Op Een Buik exhausted me"

Teen mum Michelle and Patty Brard

The latest episode of BNN/NPO 3's reality show "Vier Handen Op Een Buik" aired on January 10th and featured Patty Brard who coached teen mother Michelle. The TV program drew 389.000 viewers (market share: 6.3%)

This episode was particularly heavy as the social services took Michelle's baby away from her despite Patty's efforts to improve her situation. The diva received thousands of positive reactions from viewers and people on social media.  

Free Dutch newspaper "Metro" even published an interview with the ex-Luv' singer discussing this unique experience in its January 13th edition (Thanks Hans R. de Vries for the tip!!!). The diva admitted that Michelle found herself in a difficult position and that "Vier Handen Op Een Buik" had been exhausting. 

Click here to read Patty's interview in Metro.

Source: BNN/NPO 3, Metronieuws, YouTube...