dimanche 17 février 2019

Luv' is in the air!!!!

The Luv' ladies have been once again in the spotlight this week. 

* Chimène van Oosterhout and Marga Scheide celebrated their birthdays. We wish them all the best!!! Currently, the ladies are on holidays: Marga in Ibiza and Chimène in Austria.

* The latest issue of VROUW Glossy features an article about Chimène illustrated by a beautiful picture of her.

Photo by @Feriettunc  / interview by @JillWaas 

* The latest issue of Party magazine features an interview with the three Luv' singers. This time the overall tone of this publication is less sensationalist than previous items. 

Chimène explains what brought her to Luv'. "I've always had singing ambitions. Due to my activities as a TV host, I put this plan on hold. I also wanted to be a psychologist so my studies in psychology were my priority. Then my relationship with the father of my son didn't happen the way it was supposed to be. So I had to find other ways to raise my child. I devoted lots of time to my activities on television. To be a singer, you have to rehearse, to take singing lessons and to audition a lot. Because of my child, my studies and my work, I didn't have time to be a vocalist. Last year, I left RTL 4. I was not totally satisfied there. That's why I made my farewells to many people in 2018. Then I had to chance to have a wonderful offer to be part of the group. The fact that Marga, José and I clicked so well was a good reason to say "yes" to Luv'. I really want to work with the girls," Chimène says.

José is very happy with the current situation. "The news about Chimène's recruitment is fantastic. Now everybody knows that Luv' is alive and kicking. Chimène is the new exotic member of the trio the way Patty used to be. I'm still the girl next door. So the three of us have a specific role," José tells. "Because of Chimène, I've noticed on Facebook that a lot of new people are interested in Luv'. She is a popular media personality in the Netherlands and many TV viewers know her. She is charismatic. It's crazy to know that there is a revival of interest in our group," José adds.

Marga is also very enthusiastic. "We were very surprised after we announced that Chimène was the new Luv' girl. It immediately attracted great attention. This good news led to new bookings for live shows," she explains. When asked if Marga wants to retire because of her age, the classy blonde lady answers: "No, I've never considered it. As long as I have fun, I will enjoy it. As long as the public is interested in what we do and we are still booked for performances, we still go on. Age is just a number. In my entourage, I don't know how old people are. I prefer to focus on personality and character rather than age."

* On February 14th, José attended the opening of the exhibition "Vinyl!" at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The exhibit can be visited from February 15th to July 15th, 2019. More info at https://philips.to/2TPBrGI

Even the notorious and respectable NOS Journaal (223.000 viewers/ market share: 32,7%) mentioned "Vinyl" in their 12.00-noon edition on February 15th. Click here to watch it (José can be seen very briefly at 12:25). The local media (Eindhovens Dagblad and Omroep Brabant) also covered this event. 

In addition to José, other friends and colleagues attended this event. Among them were Adriaan Bouman, Willem van der Velden, Willem van Schijndel and Clemens van Bracht (De Deurzakkers), Harry van Hoof, Ingrid de Groot (José's sister) and Alex Kostwinder.

Willem van der Velden and José

José & De Deurzakkers

Adriaan Bouman

Harry van Hoof & José

Alex Kostwinder & The Van den Wijdeven sisters (José and Ingrid)

Luv' enjoyed the most prosperous phase of their career when they were under contract to Philips/Phonogram records between 1977 and 1979. Thanks to their collaboration with this prestigious record label, the trio even won the 1979 Conamus Export Prize for "Best selling Dutch pop group abroad". 

Source: Facebook, NOS Journaal, Omroep Brabant, Eindhovens Dagblad...

* On February 12th, Chimène van Oosterhout attended the release party of the book entitled "Ultimate Booty Trainer" by Carlos Lens (the coach of Dutch stars) at the HealthCity and Escapade center in Amstelveen, Netherlands. This event was hosted by Fernando Halman. It was also associated with some "booty exercise". Among the celebrities who were present (in addition to Chimène) were Denise van Manen (OneFit), Chiel Harten (Outtv), TV presenter and author Sophia de BoerChristian Looman (Attachée), André Dongelmans (De Luizenmoeder) and Rolf Sanchez (Verliefd op Cuba).

 Fernando Halman and Carlos Lens

 Carlos Lens and Chimène van Oosterhout

Sophia de Boer, Christian Looman and Chimène van Oosterhout

Dutch newspaper Het Parool published an article about this party. Click here to read it. 
SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" covered this event:

Source: Facebook, Het Parool, Shownieuws

* Yesterday, José Hoebee gave a phone interview on Paul Jansen's radio show on Nationaal FM. She discussed the ups and downs of her life and career as well as the current situation of the group.

Source: Facebook, Nationaal FM

vendredi 15 février 2019

Patty's column about her eviction from HealthCity

HealthCity in Amstelveen

In her latest column for Weekend magazine, Patty Brard tells that recently she was evicted from the fitness and wellness center HealthCity in Amstelveen, Netherlands. The diva was in a sauna and wore a swimsuit. The personnel of the center asked her to be naked because of hygiene reasons. Patty refused to do it and left this place.

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

Patty Brard: free as a bird on television

Earlier this week, Dutch media announced that Patty Brard stopped her work as an entertainment news expert on  RTL 4's talk show "RTL Late Night Met Twan Huys". Since late November 2018, she has been discussing the latest media and showbiz news from the Netherlands and abroad in a segment of the program called "De Week Van Patty" every Friday evening. 

The broadcast of RTL Late Night (including the final "Week van Patty") drew 583.000 viewers (market share: 17.5%) on February 8th. Click here to watch it. The diva talked about Radio DJ Edwin Evers, the comeback of old successful TV formats ("Lotto Weekend Miljonairs" (Dutch version of  "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", "Vakantieman" and "De Zwakste Schakel" (Dutch version of "The Weakest Link"), the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and NPO 3's comedy series "De Luizenmoeder". Moreover, the talk show caused controversy because during the broadcast, Twan Huys and Patty Brard showed a young and attractive Australian man in the audience who was supposed to be "viral on social media". Actually, social networks experts proved that this good looking gentleman did not cause a sensation on the internet. 

Fake news: this charming young man never went viral

La Brard's collaboration on RTL Late Night was supposed to be short-lived. "I was meant to appear seven times on this TV program," Patty told Dutch newspaper AD. "So I remain a freelancer," she added. It means that the former Luv' singer is free to do whatever she wants on any TV channel. On February 12th, she took everybody by surprise when she replaced Albert Verlinde on SBS 6's infotainment program "6 inside" (which only attracted 133.000 viewers (market share: 3.4%). This replacement is supposed to be a one-off at the moment. It is Patty's comeback on SBS more than a year after her farewell to "Shownieuws" (see news posted on September 1st, 2017). 

Jan Versteegh and Patty Brard on "6 Inside"

On February 13th, the rerun of NPO 3's music quiz "De Nederlandse Muziektest" (hosted by Jan Smit and Romy Monteiro) featured Patty Brard as a candidate and drew 311.000 viewers (market share: 5.2%). Click here to watch it. 

Last month, Miss Brard told that she was about to sign a 3-year deal with RTL Nederland. But this news was rapidly refuted (see article posted on January 23rd, 2019). 

Two days ago, several news websites revealed that Patty was in negotiation with Talpa TV (which owns SBS 6, NET 5, Veronica and SBS 9). But nothing has been confirmed yet. 

One thing is sure: soon the larger than life TV personality will appear on RTL 5's reality show "Hotter Than My Daughter". Moreover, she has recently taken part in the taping of the new season of BNNVARA's program "Vier Handen Op Een Buik". Last but not least: Patty will fly to Thailand this weekend for the taping of the TV show "Expeditie Schoonmoeder" on TLC

Source: RTL 4, SBS 6, NPO 3, SKO, Patty Brard on social media, AD, Mediacourant.nl, Televizier, NU.nl, RTL Boulevard, De Telegraaf...

Happy Birthday Marga!!!

Today Luv' singer Marga Scheide celebrates her birthday!!!! The blonde songstress has taken part in all the line-ups of Luv'. We wish her all the best!!!

lundi 11 février 2019

Happy Birthday Chimène!!!

Today, the new Luv' singer and media personality Chimène van Oosterhout celebrates her birthday!!

As we say in Dutch: "Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Met Je Verjaardag!!!"

I wish Chimène all the best!!!

dimanche 10 février 2019

Luv' Profusion!!!

Photo by Govert de Roos - Edited by Marco Rens

* The latest Luv' vlog was posted earlier this week on the group's YouTube channel. You can see the ladies having lots of fun during a fitting prior to their recent interview on SBS 6's infotainment program "6 Inside". Then they relaxed and went crazy with Brigitte Vis (in charge of the concert bookings in the Netherlands).

Filmed by Michiel Gunning and Chimène van Oosterhout

Source: YouTube (Luv' Story)

* Wednesday is the day when Dutch celebrity gossip magazines hit the stores. Since Chimène van Oosterhout's arrival, the tabloid press has found inspiration again. Celebrity columnists often use sensationalism to write articles about Holland's greatest girl group. Luv' appear in the latest issues of three weekly publications:

- They grace the cover of  "Party" with a headline that says "Chimène demands peace in Luv'! Otherwise, she'll leave the group". Actually, Luv's new member is not the kind of person who has such demands! Her first show with Luv' last month was her baptism of fire. Chimène was a bit nervous. "I didn't have time to think about all the details. Prior to my recruitment as a Luv' singer, music was just a hobby and I never did it professionally," she told. Chimène confirmed the fact that new material would be released. "We'll use a new sound. I see so much talent in José and Marga. It could lead to many possibilities. With Ria, there were many performances but the group was quiet. Luv' means teamwork and the three singers have to be 100% involved in it. I give Luv' my input and my enthusiasm. We could record new songs with a contemporary style," she added. Chimène considers José and Marga as real friends. "I knew the ladies before I joined the group. We clicked immediately. Our bond is special and is not fake. Everybody tells us: "You belong together very well!" That's what I feel too," Chimène explained. 

- Weekend magazine features a beautiful picture of Luv' on the red carpet during the recent premiere of Dutch musical "Op Hoop Van Zegen" at the Zaantheater in Zaandam, Netherlands. 

- Privé (sister magazine of De Telegraaf) includes an article written by Jan Uriot about Luv's probable collaboration with Miami-based producer Keith Morrison. Luv's first producer Hans van Hemert (who launched the trio in 1977) is also mentioned due to his conflict with Marga Scheide about the group's name. "We are very satisfied with Keith Morrison. Three years ago we had plans to record new songs. These plans are now reactivated. We got in touch with Keith via our friend Henk Schorel. He runs the multimedia company Viva Canal. Next month, we'll fly to Miami to record our new single. Isn't it nice?" Marga said. 

Source: Martin Vink, Privé, Party, Weekend

- On February 7th, Chimène attended the 100% NL Awards with her friends: media personality Tanja Jess and Sharona Wijk. Tanja presented the "Best Male Singer of the Year" award. Guus Meeuwis won the prize.

Chimène, Tanja & Sharona

Source: Instagram (Chimène van Oosterhout), 100% NL

mardi 5 février 2019

Luv' Stuff - Column by René Moonen

René Moonen schrijft sinds 15 jaar columns voor diverse bladen. Voormalig voorzitter van de LUV' fansite. Hij is (mede)samensteller van diverse cd's (25 Jaar Na Waldolala, Completely In Luv') en de DVD van LUV'. Tevens werkte hij mee aan de realitysoap "Back in Luv'" in 2006!


Er is al veel gezegd en er valt nog méér te zeggen en te schrijven over Nederlands populairste meidengroep ooit! Je kunt momenteel geen krant of weekblad openslaan of de naam LUV’ duikt met grote regelmaat op. Alleen al De Telegraaf wijdde afgelopen januari vier artikelen aan de groep. Met uiteraard een grote focus op het vertrek van Ria Thielsch en de opzienbarende entree van “positiva” Chimène van Oosterhout. Vervolgens het nieuws over de LUV’ musical ambities van Hans van Hemert. En als klap op de vuurpijl Patty Brard, die met klem meldde dat LUV’ voor haar voorgoed verleden tijd is. Maar vervolgens haar eerste kans met beide handen aangreep om met twee andere ‘dames’ een heuse LUV’-persiflage te lanceren. 

LUV’ mag zich met gemak de meest succesvolle én spraakmakende damesgroep van Nederland noemen. Met de verkoop van meer dan 7 miljoen geluidsdragers is LUV’ tevens een van de bestverkopende Nederlandse acts allertijden. Weliswaar in wisselende samenstellingen, met Marga Scheide en José Hoebee als langst gedienden van de groep. Na een emotioneel afscheid tijdens “Dutch Valley” in  2012 leek het doek definitief te zijn gevallen. De formule bleek niet meer te werken in de originele line-up. Het debacle rondom het boek van Peter Boonstra, “The Story Of LUV’”, bleek voor Marga en José de beroemde druppel om de samenwerking met Patty definitief te verbreken! Daarmee leek LUV’ voltooid verleden tijd. 

In maart 2016 verraste Marga en José vriend en vijand door LUV’ opnieuw te laten herleven. Ria Thielsch werd voor een tweede maal benaderd om zich, net als in 1980, bij de groep te voegen. Op het moment dat de LUV’ trein met Ria weer aardig op de rails stond bleken aanhoudende problemen met het toenmalige management roet in het eten te gooien. Daarnaast kon Ria zich niet altijd vinden in de outfits en koers van de groep. Eerlijk is eerlijk, LUV’ staat voor glamour met een grote focus op kwaliteit en een perfecte presentatie. Daaraan kunnen en mogen volgens Marga en José geen concessies gedaan worden. 

Sinds de verrassende komst van Chimène blikt de groep op welhaast euforische wijze naar de toekomst. Maar zit er nog wel muziek in deze zoveelste samenstelling? Marga en José steken niet onder stoelen of banken dat ze enorm positief worden geïnfecteerd door de enthousiaste samenwerking met hun nieuwe collega. Chimène zorgt voor de nodige positieve reuring binnen de groep. Klaarblijkelijk draagt deze reuring bij aan een welkome impuls voor LUV’s langgekoesterde toekomstplannen.  

Een van deze toekomstplannen werd onlangs door Marga onthuld aan De Telegraaf. LUV’ vertrekt aanstaande maart naar Miami in de U.S.A.. Een Amerikaanse producer heeft grootse plannen met Marga, José en Chimène. Hij heeft exclusief voor LUV’ nieuw materiaal geschreven. Ondertussen verloopt de samenwerking met Jan Vis en Koen de Smet booking kantoren en tourmanager David Hay Gibson boven verwachting goed. De aanvragen voor optredens stromen in grote getale binnen. Met hun veelbelovende ambities lijken de dames de lat hoog te leggen. Alle LUV’hebbers halen inmiddels opgelucht adem. De LUV’trein die even leek te ontsporen, kan na de wisselstoring weer met volle kracht vooruit.   

English translation by Ralph Ruiz

René Moonen has been writing columns for several magazines for 15 years. He is the former administrator of Luv' fan site. He developed projects such as CDs (25 Jaar Na Waldolala, Completely In Luv') and a DVD of Luv'. Moreover, he collaborated with the group on the reality program "Back In Luv" in 2006.


A lot has been said about Holland's greatest girl group and there are many other things that can be said and written! Currently, Dutch newspapers and magazines put Luv' in the spotlight. Holland's most-read tabloid De Telegraaf published four articles about the group in January. Ria Thielsch's departure and the unexpected recruitment of the promoter of "positive thinking" Chimène van Oosterhout were discussed. Even Hans van Hemert's ambitions of writing a Luv' musical were mentioned. The icing on the cake was Patty Brard who initially told that Luv' was "part of her past". But then she informed the media that she would parody Luv' with two other "ladies".

Luv' is considered Holland's most successful and notorious girl group ever. Their sale of 7 million records worldwide made them one of the best selling Dutch acts of all time. There have been several line-up changes including Marga Scheide and José Hoebee who have been involved the most in the Luv' trio. After an emotional break-up during the "Dutch Valley" festival in 2012, it seemed that it was the end of the group. The original line-up was not relevant anymore. The feud due to the publication of Peter Boonstra's book "The Story of Luv'" was the reason why Marga and José didn't want to collaborate with Patty anymore. Luv' seemed to be over.

In March 2016, Marga and José took everybody by surprise when they decided to resurrect Luv'. Ria Thielsch was involved in the group for the second time, like in 1980. As Luv' was getting back on track, tensions with the group's management appeared at that time. Ria had some trouble to adapt to the outfits and the style of the group. Luv' is a glamorous act which pays attention to quality and a perfect presentation. When it comes to the stage performances and public appearances, Marga and José make no concession to the Luv' look. 

Since the surprising arrival of Chimène, the group is enthusiastic about the future. Will this umpteenth line-up release new music? Marga and José express satisfaction about their new colleague. Chimène has brought a positive input within the group. Hopefully, the renewed trio will experience a well-deserved boost. 

Marga revealed one of the future plans in De Telegraaf. Luv' will fly to Miami, Florida in March. An American producer has big plans for Marga, José and Chimène. He wrote exclusive material for Luv'. Meanwhile, the collaboration with Jan Vis and Koen de Smet booking agencies as well as tour manager David Hay Gibson is successful beyond expectations. The bookings for live shows keep rolling in. After derailing a bit, the Luv' train goes fast again!!!