dimanche 21 juillet 2019

Former Luv' singer Carina Lemoine on "The Big Audition"

On July 14th, former Luv' singer Carina Lemoine (who was part of the group in the early 1990s with Marga Scheide and Diana van Berlo) appeared on NTR/NPO 3's talent show "The Big Audition". The program drew 114.000 viewers (market share: 2.3%). NPO 3 rerun it on July 17th (39.000 viewers/market share: 0.9%). 

Carina had to audition for a dinner show. She mentioned her participation in Luv' as the peak of her music career. "I had the opportunity to be a Luv' singer for two years and a half. What we did was great. We taped a TV special in Thailand. We gave shows in Dubai and Germany. It was a fantastic experience," she told. 

Click here to watch "The Big Audition" (Carina appears at 17:31).

Carina is still busy as an all-around singer in the Netherlands. Her daughter, Angelina is also a professional vocalist. Six years ago, she also took part in another TV talent show "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen" on SBS 6 (see news posted on April 21st, 2013). 

Source: NTR/NPO 3, SKO, Carina Lemoine (Facebook)

Happy José in the media!!!!

The Dutch tabloid press has always appreciated covering José Hoebee's ups and downs due to her status as a Luv' singer. 

On July 10th, Privé magazine published a short item entitled "That's how José goes to the baker's" and illustrated with a beautiful picture. "I dye my hair because I refuse to have it grey. I always consider the fact that I can encounter fans in the streets. That's why I always put on my make-up before I go out," José told.

The latest issue of Story magazine (published on July 17th) features an article about José's current financial situation. Click here to read an excerpt. A video about the same subject was also posted on LibelleTV.nl. Click here to watch it. 

After the death of her husband, record producer Will Hoebee in 2012, the Luv' lady found out that she had debts. She was obliged to leave her apartment in Lommel, Belgium to move to a modest house in Muiderberg and later to Hilversum, Netherlands. In late 2016, she settled down in Best, her native village. She was on welfare for several years. But now the songstress is in a better position. "Because I perform often with Luv', it generates incomes and I'm not on welfare anymore. For the first time in seven years, I'm able to make a living as a singer. A couple of years ago, I never thought it would be possible. I'm 65 years old and I earn money again. I'm very proud of that," José said.

Next year, she will receive a retirement pension. "It doesn't mean that I will stop singing. I love to travel through the country to perform. When I'm on stage I feel young again. I hope we will continue with our shows. In 2021, we will celebrate our 45th anniversary. I think we have to have a party. We've just put out our new single "With Him Tonight" produced in America by Keith Morrison who received several Grammy nominations. It's a fantastic summer song. It's a pity that there are people who think this is not a Luv' track. It's our right to try something new," she added.

José also discussed Luv's recent fan club meeting which took place in Best. "It was a full house. Some fans came all the way from Belgium, Germany and Austria just to see us. Chimène who had been in the group for six months was introduced to our loyal fans," she explained.

Source: Privé, Story, José Hoebee's Fan Page (Facebook), Co Rnz, Martin Vink, Egbert

jeudi 18 juillet 2019

Endless Luv'

Luv' latest news:

* Last week, Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party" featured an article about the group's recent fan club meeting at Quatre Bras in Best. 

"On this special occasion, people are so thankful for what we do. Two years ago, we already organized such a meeting to celebrate our 40th anniversary. This time we wanted to introduce Chimène to the fans and to present our new single "With Him Tonight". We sang our new song twice in a row. Everybody had to get used to it. Fortunately, the fans liked it," Marga Scheide told Party.

"There were so many people who were positive and really interesting. We really wanted to premiere our new track and make our fans happy. For many Luv' followers, it was the first time they met me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I've been famous for many years but to have fans this way is new to me. We received presents like wine bottles, flowers and even paintings," Luv's new member Chimène van Oosterhout said.

"At first I wondered: "Will people come?" But it was a full house. Do you know what I appreciate the most? Our old fans came with their children. Time goes by so fast. I was a bit nervous due to the presentation of our new single. But people reacted positively to it, " José Hoebee explained. 

Source: Party, Facebook (Official Luv', José Hoebee Mijn Idool)

* Yesterday, Chimène van Oosterhout gave an interview on "The Lunch Corner", a program on Mega Hit FM, a radio station from Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. She discussed Luv's new digital single "With Him Tonight" with radio DJs Ron Gijzen and Ferry Maat.

Chimène and Ferry

Chimène and Ron

Source: Facebook (Chimène van Oosterhout), Mega Hit FM

* Recently, two live performances were announced on the Official Luv' Fan Page on Facebook:

  • July 31st, 2019: 81ste Acht van Chaam - between 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm
Location: Brouwerij 40, 4861 SN Chaam, Netherlands

  • August 3rd, 2019: Matinee Live Summer Edition - between 11.00 pm and 11.30 pm
Location: Cafe Matinee, Westhavenplaats 35, 3131 BT Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Source: Official Luv'

samedi 13 juillet 2019

Eyecandy on TV: "Lots of Luv'" Special (40th anniversary)

40 years ago, on July 13th, 1979, TROS/Nederland 1 TV channel aired a 20-minute special entitled “Lots of Luv” (named after the group's second LP). José, Marga and Patty were eye candy for viewers and took advantage of their sex appeal to rise to fame. 

Since the first special (All You Need Is Luv') broadcast in late 1978 (see article posted on November 19th, 2018), things were getting better for the ladies. After being successful in their homeland, the girl trio became a household name in Continental Europe and South Africa. 

The "Lots of Luv'" special started with a medley of their greatest hits from the previous year (U.O.Me, Eres Mi Mejor Amante (the Spanish version of You're the Greatest Lover) and Trojan Horse). The TV show also featured performances of songs from their second album “Lots of Luv”: D.J, Casanova, Marcellino, Shoes Off (Boots On), Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and I.M.U.R




Shoes Off (Boots On)

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe


The program was taped at the Ponypark in Slagharen, Netherlands. It was produced by John de Mol (founder of Endemol who later became Marga Scheide's lover) in association with Interlinde Management and Variety Productions. On August 2nd, 1979, TROS/Nederland 1 reran Lots of Luv'.

In 2006, the TV special was included on the “Back In Luv’" DVD. 


Clothing: Carla van der Vorst, T. Schuhmacher
Music and lyrics: Janschen & Janschens
Montage: Theo Kasteel
Production: John de Mol Jr.
Direction: Guus Verstraete Jr.
Production: Interlinde Management, John de Mol Jr. Productions, Variety Productions

Press clippings:

Zwolse Courant, July 13th, 1979

Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid (Dutch TV archives), Delpher.nl

jeudi 11 juillet 2019

Marga Scheide in "Story": Why I didn't marry John de Mol

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story" features an article about Marga Scheide's love life. Recently, the Luv' singer has become a grandmother thanks to the birth of Willem Charles Michiel, the grandchild of her partner Michiel Gunning (see previous post). The mother of the baby boy is Renée Gunning (famous for her participation in RTL 5's reality show "Echte Gooisje Meisjes" in 2010). "We're so happy. It's so sweet that the baby has been named after his two grandfathers. He is so welcome. Michiel and I refuse to commit ourselves to babysit. We love our freedom. We've always been living this way and we're not going to change,Marga told Story

The beautiful blonde has always enjoyed her independence. "That's one of the reasons I've never married John de Mol, Jacques Zwart and Michiel. When I love someone, I stay with him and when the love is over, I go away. Because of this freedom, I never wanted to have children. As a young girl, I wanted to travel the world and that's what I did later. I was always on the road. This kind of hectic life is not good when you want to be a mother. Some blamed me for being selfish. I think the real sign of selfishness is when some women have kids and neglect them after they realize they were not made for motherhood," she added.

Marga had a relationship with Dutch media mogul John de Mol between 1980 and 1984. Then she lived with record producer Jacques Zwart until he died of a heart attack in 2003. A couple of years later, she met Michiel

"In addition to Jacques, I lost my mother, my sister-in-law and a good friend of mine. I miss them. Thanks to Michiel, I have a new family. His daughters, Robin and Renee, are like my children. I organize family reunions twice a year. More and more people attend these family events," Marga said.

Source: Story

mardi 9 juillet 2019

Luv' still in the spotlight!!!

Photo courtesy of Ruud Cremers

Luv' latest news:

* Luv's long-awaited Latin pop-reggaeton single entitled "With Him Tonight" officially came out yesterday. This song (released by Pure Golden Records) is now available on Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify. It was recorded in Miami last May and was produced by Keith Morrison and Manuel Garrido-Lecca. Click here to know the credits of the single.

With Him Tonight has entered the Dutch iTunes Top 100 at #54

Click here to download the song on Apple Music/iTunes.  

Click here to listen to the track on Spotify

Photomontage by Co Rnz

Source: iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Official Luv' (Facebook)

* The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine Privé features an article about Marga Scheide who has recently become a grandma thanks to the birth of Willem Charles Michiel, son of Renée and Tigon. Renée is the daughter of Michiel Gunning (Marga's partner since 2005).  The blonde Luv' singer also discusses the group's new single.

Source: Privé, Official Luv' (Facebook)

* On July 3rd, Marga Scheide and Chimène van Oosterhout were interviewed by Marteen Steendam on Privé TV (De Telegraaf's web channel about entertainment) to talk about their new single. José Hoebee could not be present because she was a bit ill. Dutch journalist Jan Uriot briefly appeared to give Marga a present for the birth of Michiel's grandson. 

Marteen Steendam, Marga Scheide & Chimène van Oosterhout

Marga, Chimène and Jan Uriot

Click here to watch the interview. 

Source: De Telegraaf

* On July 7th, the Luv' ladies were invited on the talk show "Café Hendriks & Genee" on Veronica TV. The program drew 220.000 viewers (market share: 5.2%)An excerpt from "With Him Tonight" was played during the broadcast. One of the guests of the show was the controversial football expert Johan DerksenAgainst all odds, Derksen (known for his misogynist and homophobic comments) was pretty kind to Luv' and even posed with the trio for a photograph. José and Chimène expressed satisfaction about this TV program on Facebook

Luv' & Johan Derksen

Source: Veronica TV, Facebook (Official Luv', José Hoebee, Chimène van Oosterhout)

dimanche 7 juillet 2019

Patty Brard and Gordon take part in the pilot of a talk show for Talpa TV

Recently, Patty Brard and Gordon took part in the pilot of a talk show for Talpa TV. Gordon confirmed this news yesterday on RTL 4's infotainment program "RTL Boulevard" (438.000 viewers/market share: 2.8%). "It's a dream come true. We cried together. It's so rare to do it on Dutch television," he said. At the moment, it is not sure if the program is broadcast. After the flop of "RTL Late Night met Twan Huys" and "Zomer met Art", the question is, will Holland be ready for another talk show?

Gordon on RTL Boulevard

Source: RTL Boulevard, Televizier, NU.nl