dimanche 9 mars 2014

José & Patty: latest news

* On March 5th, José Hoebee was interviewed by Claudia Schoemacher for "Party" magazine. Therefore the singer posted a message about this pleasant meeting. Claudia is the wife of plastic surgeon Robert Schoemacher who took care of José's eyelid correction in 2006 when the Luv' ladies were busy taping their reality show "Back In Luv". 

Claudia Schoemacher & José Hoebee

Source: Facebook, José Hoebee's Official Fan Club

* Here are the viewing figures of TV programs featuring Patty Brard:
  • "Show Laat" (February 28th, SBS 6): 496.000 viewers / market share: 9.4%
  • "Show Vandaag" (March 4th, SBS 6): 168.000 viewers / market share: 5.1%
  • "Show Vandaag" (March 5th, SBS 6): 128.000 viewers / market share: 4.2%
  • "Show Laat" (March 5th, SBS 6): 406.000 viewers / market share: 14.1%
  • "Wie Ben Ik?" (March 8th, RTL 4): 1.248.000 viewers / market share: 19.3%
Source: Stichting KijkOnderzoek, SBS 6, RTL 4

* The latest column written by Patty for "Weekend" Magazine deals with Jochem van Gelder, her partner on SBS 6 program "Bonje met buren taping" (Trouble with neighbours). The diva first met Jochem in early 1980 during the taping of AVRO's TV show "Stuif es uit" when the Luv' girls were at the pinnacle of their career. Last autumn, when SBS announced to Miss Brard who her colleague on "Bonje" would be, she was reluctant. But the larger than life TV personality rapidly changed her mind as Van Gelder and her clicked well together. 

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

Jochem van Gelder and Patty Brard (with her "Patmobile") having fun together

* On March 7th, Patty participated in a "Hippy Chic Bingo" at Schouwburg Orpheus in Apeldoorn. The event was organized by Store 055. 

Source: Facebook (Patty Brard, Pauline van Delden)

Nathalie Makoma, Patty Brard and the "boys"

* SBS 6 will air the panel game "De Lijf Show" on March 12th at 9.30 pm. The program is hosted by Marc Klein Essink and will feature Patty Brard and Gerard Joling. The candidates answered questions about the human body. 

Source: SBS 6

Geer & Pat on "De Lijf Show"

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