mercredi 26 février 2014

Patty's wedding: first details revealed

In Holland, everybody knows that Patty Brard and Antoine van de Vijver will get married in September. The diva started to plan her wedding last weekend. She announced on social networks that her bridesmaid would be Jacky Omtzigt, the daughter of Gerard Joling's manager Wino Omtzigt and the granddaughter of Mary Borsato. Patty would like a hippie ceremony in Ibiza. Mary will design the wedding dress and Gerard Joling will marry the couple. 

Patty and her bridesmaid Jacky

Moreover, Miss Brard's latest column in Weekend Magazine is a tribute to Mary Borsato. Click here to read it. 

Source: De Telegraaf, AD, Patty Brard (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)...

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