dimanche 9 mars 2014

YouTube videos

1) Luv'

Luv' Stars on 45 Medley / uploaded by René van Ooijen (aka PrinceImpossible)

2) José Hoebee

"I'm So Sorry" from "Popcorn" (late 1981) - uploaded by Jos Theuns

"All around my hat" (1986) - uploaded by Jos Theuns

3) Patty Brard

Albert Heijn commercial circa 2003/2004

Interview with Ray Slijngaard (2 Unlimited) in Monaco in 1994

4) Bonnie & José 

"Chiquitita" from "Bonnie en José in Zweden" NCRV special - broadcast date: May 27th, 1986 - uploaded by Karin Angeleyes

"Herinnering" (in ABBA's Polar studio) from "Bonnie en José in Zweden" special - uploaded by Jos Theuns

3) Hans van Hemert's videos

Hans with Angela Groothuizen (ex-member of "Dolly Dots") on "TopPop Yeah!" (AVRO, May 30th 1998) - uploaded by Karin Angeleyes

The best of Hans van Hemert's back catalogue (including Luv', Mouth & MacNeal, Kamahl, Sandra & Andres, André Hazes....) - uploaded by HvHProductionsBV

DJ Guess Who - Je m'en fous (produced by Hans van Hemert) - 2014 - uploaded by HvHProductionsBV

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