lundi 6 mai 2013

Patty in De Telegraaf and on Koffietijd

Today's edition of De Telegraaf features an article about Patty Brard's latest TV program "Lust, Liefde Of Laten Lopen". The diva understands that many women don't want to get older. But she was in shock when she saw what teenagers were ready to do. "I didn't know anything about young girls who ordered illegal pigment injections on internet to be tanned," Patty told De Telegraaf. "They become sick and the next morning they use a tanning bed. They really look like meatballs. Or they go to tanning salons several times a week. When they're home, you see their fingerprints everywhere and their cuticles are black," she added.

Scan of De Telegraaf (courtesy of Martin Vink)

La Brard also promoted her "make-under" show this morning on RTL 4's "Koffietijd". The TV personality has often been invited on this program.

Patty interviewed by  Quinty Trustfull and Loretta Schrijver on "Koffietijd"

To watch "Koffietijd", click here

Source: De Telegraaf, RTL 4, Weekend...

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