lundi 6 mai 2013

José wants to work as a TV host

José Hoebee would like to work as a TV host. That's what the ex-Luv' singer told Privé magazine. She would like to be busy. "I want to be active as soon as possible. I work as a telephonist at the Wisseloord studios twice a week but I do it voluntarily. I want to go back on stage and I would like to be a TV host," she said.
Work is indeed the best therapy to overcome her troubles. Recently Patty Brard took her to the taping of a TV program with American medium Char Margolis (see news posted on March 6th and March 8th 2013). "I was very sceptical. I only answered "yes" or "no". Because people know everything about me. I'm not ashamed of anything. But she said strange things to me and I thought: Hey, how does she know it?". 
"Char honestly told me that she did not receive more from Will. So I didn't become wiser. I hope that what I've been through has not been relayed to him,” she added. 

Source:, Privé

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