lundi 6 mai 2013

José in "Beau Monde"

The latest issue of "Beau Monde" magazine features an article on José Hoebee. The singer never expected to get help from a psychiatrist. But last year, her husband, record producer Will Hoebee died and his loss got José into trouble emotionally and financially. The former Luv' lead vocalist is positive about the future. "Everyday I hope it's going to be better than the previous day. But beware, I'm not ready to perform in cool venues where I can shout "put your hands up in the air". Or to be busy as a host on a TV program. At the moment I work twice a day as a volunteer at the Wisseloord Studios. This is where we recorded all the Luv' hits. When I walk around it, I feel good. On such days I notice that I feel better," the artist said.

Scan of Beau Monde (courtesy of Martin Vink)

Source: Beau Monde

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