lundi 3 juillet 2017

Patty & José in "Party"

The latest issue of Party magazine features an article about the never-ending feud between Patty Brard and José Hoebee. The ladies even grace the cover of the publication.

This year Patty celebrates her 40th anniversary in the showbiz. It all started with Luv'. Due to several conflicts with her former Luv' colleagues, the diva will not attend the anniversary party of the group that will take place this coming Sunday in Best, NL. Recently she has decided to settle down permanently in Ibiza and in September she will leave SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws". Her career and life has been in the spotlight for more than 4 decades. The Dutch tabloid press has often covered her ups and downs, her love affairs, her weddings, her divorces and her conflicts. But before she leaves SBS 6, will the enfant terrible of Dutch showbiz make up with José?

"Patty, Marga and I had a specific role in Luv'. Marga was the beautiful blonde doll, Patty was the exotic beauty and I was the girl next door. But progressively she acted as if she was the leader of the group. Of course she wasn't. During performances the situation deteriorated. It was as if it was the Patty Brard show," José remembered about the time La Brard was a member of Holland's greatest girl group.

"However, Patty is a huge part of my past with Luv' and we had a lot of fun. Although we are not in touch anymore I don't want to be negative about her. She welcomed me in Ibiza and was kind to me after my husband died. Deep in her heart Patty is a good person. Unfortunately she said terrible things about me and she ruined Luv's beautiful photo book. What a pity it ended so badly!," she added. 

The two singers were so successful in many countries in the late 1970s and were even friends. Party magazine hopes that José's statement will provoke a reunion between the ladies. Before she emigrates to Ibiza, will Patty reconcile with José? That's the question....

Source: Party

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