mardi 4 juillet 2017

Patty Brard on "'t Wordt Nu Laat"

Yesterday, Patty Brard was interviewed by Evelien de Bruijn on WNL/NPO Radio 2's show "'t Wordt Nu Laat". She discussed many subjects: her childhood in West Papua, her family (in particular her father (she got emotional when she evoked him and she regretted the fact that a huge family feud happened after his death), Luv' (how she was recruited; the trio's international fame; she told she became a better person after she left the group), politics (she didn't understand why Dutch right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders and his party were excluded from the coalition at the latest general elections). 

The playlist of the radio program featured songs from Patty's favourite artists (Dusty Springfield, The Beatles, Pharrell Williams, Mr Probz, Michel Fugain, André Hazes, Stevie Wonder...)

Her older brother Dennis, her make-up artist Connie, her husband Antoine van de Vijver and her Shownieuws collegue Viktor Brand recorded audio messages to pay tribute to her. 

The diva told Evelien de Bruijn that after her departure from Shownieuws in September she would continue working on the small screen. "I'll keep on doing several little things on TV,' she asserted. She didn't reveal in details what her future plans were but she confirmed that she would not work for SBS 6 again. She  fantasized about a TV program filmed in her house in Ibiza featuring artists who would perform whereas she would prepare them a meal. She also would like to do a social reality show in which she could help poor children. 

Click here to listen to " 't Wordt Nu Laat".

Source: WNL, Televizier

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