dimanche 9 juillet 2017

Luv's wonderful 40th anniversary party!!!!

Photo credits: Co Rnz, Anton & Wilbert van Stekelenborg-Poirters, Eindhovens Dagblad

Earlier today, Luv's 40th anniversary party took place at the restaurant Quatre Bras in Best, NL. 

Many thanks to Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters who supervised this great event and Sophie van Genugten for accepting this party in her restaurant. 

Marga Scheide, José Hoebee and Ria Thielsch were chauffeured in a Bentley limousine. Like real stars, they waved to their fans and friends on the red carpet when they arrived. 

The afternoon started with interviews with the press. Click here for an article posted on the website of Dutch newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad

Ria Thielsch with Dutch gossip columnist Jan Uriot of magazine "Privé"

Interview by Ger Lammens on 192radio

Later the ladies took pictures with their admirers. 

Then a special ceremony happened: three peace doves were named after the singers (José, Marga and Ria). 

Some fans took part in a karaoke (including my Luv' friends Karin Angeleyes, Martin Vink and Arnold as well as René van Ooijen (assisted by Anton) who sang lesser-known songs of the group.


 Arnold & Martin


Party band Dutch Show Company (fronted by Anton) performed My Man, Dream Dream, Don Juanito de carnival, Who do you wanna be, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, One More Little Kissy and Cloud nr. 9.

The surprise act was the reunion of Luv's lookalike trio Luv' Unlimited (Wil van der Schoor as Patty/Ria, Peter Broos as Marga and Gert Schans as José). Currently, Wil and Peter perform as Risqué. For the purposes of this great party, Gert accepted to join his former colleagues and to resurrect Luv' Unlimited.

Finally, Luv' sang their greatest hits (U.O.Me, You’re The Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse, Casanova, Ooh Yes I Do, My Number One, Welcome To My Party and Megamix ‘93) to a delighted audience. 

Here's my short video of Luv's performing Casanova:

At the end, the trio thanked all the people who made this anniversary party possible (including Anton) and their fans for following them for 40 years!!!

Source: Facebook, ED.nl 

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