mardi 11 juillet 2017

Luv's 40th anniversary party: media coverage

Two days ago Luv's 40th anniversary party took place at Quatre Bras in Best, NL (see previous post). This great event generated publicity in the media.

Yesterday's editon of De Telegraaf (Holland's most read newspaper) featured an article in its Privé section. Click here to read the digital version of it. 

José Hoebee told De Telegraaf that the group did not miss Patty Brard and that Ria Thielsch was a perfect replacement. "Since our comeback in 2015, she has been present in all our shows," she told. "The fans accept Ria and it's Patty who decided not to go on. It was her choice to have nothing to do with Luv' anymore. It's a pity that it went that way but it didn't affect us. If you ask me if Patty's absence was a stain on this party, here's what I have to say: we have Ria who replaced Patty 35 years ago and it feels so good," José added.

Despite their glory years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the ladies never became millionaires. "We were three naive girls who didn't care about business," José explained. 

The online video platfom Telegraaf VNDG (hosted by former Twenty 4 Seven singer/media personality Nance and featuring gossip columnist Jan Uriot who attended the party) covered Luv's 40th anniversary celebration. Click here to watch it. Jan explained that Luv's father, record producer Hans van Hemert was not present due to a recent accident (see news posted on July th, 2017) and mainly due to the fact that he is not in good terms with Marga Scheide who trademarked Luv's name. He also mentioned the conflicts between Patty Brard and the current group's line-up.  

In addition to De Telegraaf, other Dutch news websites covered Luv's 40th anniversary:

Eindhovens Dagblad: click here to read it. click here to read it. 
RTL Nieuws: click here to read it. click here to read it. click here to read it. 
Weekend: click here to read it. 

Moreover, Ger Lammens interviewed the trio for his show on 192 radio.

Patty dissed her former colleagues by posting a picture of them on Instagram with an ironic comment on their outfit. 

José remained classy and here's her message on Facebook:

"What a great party yesterday....Fantastic story in De Telegraaf, AD and Eindhovens Dagblad. We really enjoyed this day. And nothing can't change this feeling....even bitter and frustating messages that will always be there....We have fun....and many others with us....The kind reactions, the numerous pictures and positive articles in the press are very clear to us....We have no problem....We're happy...".

Source: De Telegraaf (Privé), AD, Eindhovens Dagblad, RTL Nieuws, Story, Mediacourant....

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