mercredi 12 juillet 2017

Luv's 40th anniversary in Dutch celebrity gossip magazines

In addition to the recent media coverage related to Luv's 40th anniversary party (see previous post), the latest issues of Dutch celebrity gossip magazines "Privé", "Story" and "Weekend" feature sensationalist articles about this great event. 

The article written by Jan Uriot for Privé mentions the conflict between Hans van Hemert (who conceived Luv' in 1976) and his former protégées.

The article written by Ben Holthuis for Story deals with José Hoebee who misses her late husband Will (who passed away five years ago) and who feels lonely though she has many friends. However the singer expresses satisfaction with Luv'. She considers the group's comeback as a "gift from heaven" after difficult years.

The article published in Weekend is entitled "Luv' celebrate 40th anniversary without Patty".

Source: Privé, Story, Weekend

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