dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Patty: "Vier Handen Op Een Buik exhausted me"

Teen mum Michelle and Patty Brard

The latest episode of BNN/NPO 3's reality show "Vier Handen Op Een Buik" aired on January 10th and featured Patty Brard who coached teen mother Michelle. The TV program drew 389.000 viewers (market share: 6.3%)

This episode was particularly heavy as the social services took Michelle's baby away from her despite Patty's efforts to improve her situation. The diva received thousands of positive reactions from viewers and people on social media.  

Free Dutch newspaper "Metro" even published an interview with the ex-Luv' singer discussing this unique experience in its January 13th edition (Thanks Hans R. de Vries for the tip!!!). The diva admitted that Michelle found herself in a difficult position and that "Vier Handen Op Een Buik" had been exhausting. 

Click here to read Patty's interview in Metro.

Source: BNN/NPO 3, Metronieuws, YouTube...

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