dimanche 6 novembre 2016

Marga on "Theater van het Sentiment"

Earlier today, Marga Scheide gave a phone interview on the radio program "Theater van het sentiment" (hosted by Jeanne Kooijmans on KRO/NPO Radio 5). The blonde Luv' singer discussed the incredible success of the trio's signature song "You're the Greatest Lover". 

"In the beginning, I kept working as a model in addition to my activities with Luv'. I never expected that we would have a number-one hit. I didn't follow the record charts like the Dutch Top 40. One day I received a call from our manager. He told me that we were #1. We had a party. I was very surprised. Earlier that day I did a photo shoot for "Foxy Fashion" and C&A (Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing stores)," Marga told.

"Shortly after that, we promoted the song all over Europe on television and on the radio. The single was released in several countries and also reached the number one spot abroad. We received gold records. We were not prepared for this international triumph. And then everything went fast. Quickly we had a second number-one hit "Trojan Horse" and later another chart topper in Mexico. It became bigger and bigger," she added. 

Marga also talked about Peter Boonstra's book which was published last year and whose sale was rapidly prohibited (see news posted on June 10th, 2015). It was a bitter pill to swallow. But now she prefers to focus on positive things (like the group's current comeback). "It's the icing on the cake in your career. We enjoy what we do. We are booked for great events. Soon we'll be performing at the GelreDome. We sang at the Gay Pride and at "Studio 54" at the Antwerps Sportpaleis"," she said. 

Click here to listen to the interview. 

Source: KRO/NPO Radio 5

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