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The other Luv's

Dutch songwriter and record producer Hans van Hemert created Luv' in 1976. He was assisted by conductor and arranger Piet Souer and manager Han Meijer

The word "Luv" is an intentional misspelling of love, sometimes used to show an affection that is more endearing than the word love shows. 

In May 1978, shortly after the trio's breakthrough in the Netherlands and Belgium due to the success of their "U.O.Me" single, the girls decided to part from their manager as they were not satisfied by the way he promoted them. Han Meijer took his revenge by filing a lawsuit against the three singers. Meijer considered the name of the formation as his ownership and took the trio to court about the use of it. 

Article published by Het vrije volk on May 26th, 1978

Finally, in early June 1978, the pop princesses won the legal action and were officially allowed to be named Luv'. Pim ter Linde (who ran Interlinde Management) became their new manager.

Article published in De Telegraaf on June 2nd, 1978

Under the guidance of Pim, Luv' enjoyed the most properous phase of their career. They scored hit after hit ("You're the Greatest Lover", "Trojan Horse", "Casanova", "Ooh, Yes I Do"...) not only in Holland but also abroad. In 1979, the Charlie's Angels of Dutch pop founded a limited company called "Interluv'" with Pim ter Linde, Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer to control every aspect of their career. Two years later, Luv' disbanded (after Ria Thielsch replaced Patty Brard). 

In 1989, Marga Scheide relaunched Luv' with two other girls (Diana van Berlo and Michelle Gold (later replaced by Carina Lemoine). She trademarked the name Luv'. 
This decision is valid in Benelux until November 2019. It made Hans van Hemert furious (see news posted on March 30th and September 8th, 2016). The only positive aspect of this situation is that Luv' hasn't experienced what other 70's pop and disco groups have been through. Several line-ups of Boney M. or Baccara have been performing on stage since the early 1990s which causes confusion. 

However, other bands named "Luv" have been launched legally but none of them have jeopardized the existence of Holland's greatest girl group.

* In 1976, American disco-funk group LUV' released the single "Crazy Changes":

* In 1977, American duo Jade Stone & Luv' released their only album "Mosaics Pieces of Songs" (including the single "Waiting For The Rain"):

Jade Stone & Luv: Waiting For The Rain (1977)

* Parisian punk girl band L.U.V was active for one year (1977-1978). They performed cover versions of rock classics (including "Femme fatale" by Velvet Underground, The Shangri-Las....). 

* In 1995, Italian dance music producers and songwriters Cristiano SternLorenzo Fragiacomo and Massimiliano Troian set up the studio project Luv and put out the single "I am so strong" which appeared on the compilation Muchmusic X-Tendamix:

* In 1997, Black Star Retaliate Records released a hip hop track "Set Me Free" performed by Luv:

* In 1998, American house music artist Nathaniel Pierre Jones known as X-Fade teamed up with Lavette Goodman (aka Luv) to release the single "Got a Funk":

* Korean "Luv" trio released an album and two singles "Orange girl" and "I Still Believe  You" in 2002:

Luv - Orange Girl (2002)

* Swiss pop band Luv released an eponymous album in 2003 (including the single "Schwümmer"):

Luv - Schwümmer (2007)

* In 2004, American rapper Ric Jilla performed the track "219 In The Building" with Al Koleone and L.U.V. as guest artists for his album "Upgrade".

* In 2011, London-based band L.U.V covered "Yer Blues" (originally performed by The Beatles) for the online project "The Beatles Complete On Ukulelewhich intended to record on ukulele original compositions by The Fab Four


YER BLUES - L.U.V. from MEN WITH VEN on Vimeo.

* In 2013, Polish hip hop artist Karramba recorded the song "Odchodzisz/Leaving" with an anonymous Luv:

KaRRamBa ft. Luv -  (Official Video)

* British indie band LUV has recently put out their debut single "Loving Somebody":

British LUV from Leeds, UK

Luv - Loving Somebody (2016)

Source: Discogs.com, Youtube

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