samedi 29 octobre 2016

Luv' on TV + miscellaneous videos : 2006 - 2012

Back In Luv' (reality TV show about Luv's comeback broadcast on RTL 5 (in the Netherlands) and VTM (in Belgium) in 2006

Bobby Farrell (of Boney M.) and Luv' have fun backstage at "De Toppers" show

Luv' Medley

Luv' sing a medley of their classic hits - filmed at the Amsterdam ArenA in May 2006 - broadcast on "Toppers: De weg naar de ArenA 2006" on Talpa

Top 2000 in concert on December 31st, 2006 on NPS/Nederland 3

Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs - celebrity figure skating competition hosted by Gerard Joling and Nance on SBS 6

Luv' performing "You're the Greatest Lover" on January 19th, 2007

Het Grootste Muziekfeest van Nederland - Luv' performing "You're the Greatest Lover" live from Haarlem, NL on TROS/Nederland 1 (2007)

Wie Ben Ik? (panel game on SBS 6 hosted by Tooske Ragas with Gerard Joling and Patty Brard as team captains)

Luv' compete against De Toppers - broadcast date: September 20th, 2008

De Nieuwe Uri Geller (paranormal talent show hosted by Tooske Ragas and starring Uri Geller on SBS 6)

Luv' take part in the act of Flemish mentalist Vincent - broadcast date: February 27th, 2009

Shownieuws (entertainment news show on SBS 6)

Interview with Luv' during the "Roze Maandag" (Pink Monday) in Tilburg on July 19th, 2010

Dutch Valley - last performance of the original Luv' trio on August 11th, 2012 (amateur video)

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