samedi 29 octobre 2016

Luv's Greatest Lover on "Die 45 Jahre ZDF Disco – Nr.1 Hits der 70er"

Earlier this year, on February 13th, the legendary music TV show "Disco" celebrated its 45 anniversary. This program (presented by Ilja Richter) aired in Germany on ZDF until 1982. The crème de la crème of 70's pop and disco music performed on this show: Boney M., ABBA, Village People....and Luv' of course!!!!

Sony Music released a 3 CD compilation entitled "Die 45 Jahre ZDF Disco – Nr.1 Hits der 70er". Luv's signature song "You're the Greatest Lover" appears on this album.

Here's the track listing of this anthology:

Luv's performances on "Disco": 

You're the Greatest Lover (broadcast date: October 30th, 1978)

Trojan Horse (broadcast date: February 19th, 1979)

Ooh, Yes I Do (broadcast date: February 25th, 1980)

Source: Sony Music, ZDF, YouTube

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