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Patty's column about the Hazes family feud

The Hazes family (Rachel, Dré and Roxeanne) in happier times

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with the feud within André Hazes' family. Hazes was a legendary Dutch singer who died twelve years ago. His son André "Dré" Jr. (who recently became the father of a baby boy also named André) is not on speaking terms with his mother Rachel and his sister Roxeanne

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Patty has been close to the Hazes for many years. She interviewed André Hazes on her TV program "Onder de H van Hazes" which aired on RTL 5 in 1995. 

Onder de H van Hazes

Four years ago, La Brard attented the premiere of "Hij Gelooft In Mij" (He believes in me), a musical about the life of the iconic artist (see news posted on November 12th, 2012). One year later, Weekend published photos of the pre-Christmas party the ex-Luv' singer had with the Hazes and friends in her house (see news posted on December 19th, 2013). Dré and Roxeanne gave a performance at Patty's wedding (see news posted on September 28th, 2014). Last year, the diva described Rachel as the "sister she always wanted to have" in another column for Weekend (see news posted on September 17th, 2015). 

Since Dré became romantically involved with Monique (who gave birth to André IIIPatty hasn't seen him. Recently she met Rachel and considered her as "a good mother and a dear friend who didn't deserve this painful situation".

Source: Weekend

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