samedi 24 septembre 2016

Pics and video: Luv' @ Keerweer Parade

Yesterday evening, Luv' gave two shows:
  • At first, the three singers performed at the "Keerweer Parade" at Café Keer Weer in Rotterdam, NL.
  • Then, they sang at "Septemberpop" in Workum, NL.

At the moment, only pictures of the first gig have been posted on Facebook (credits: Co Rnz, Jim Hoogendorp, Hans R. de Vries, Pierre Biesterveld Roland Alphenaar):

Facebook friend Hans R. de Vries even uploaded a video of Luv' performing "Welcome To My Party" to YouTube:

Here are other YouTube videos:



Welcome To My Party

Edgar Ernesto Rengifo Garcia (one of the organizers of the Keerweer Parade) posted this backstage picture of him with the legendary girl group:

Luv' singer Ria Thielsch also put this photo of her daughter Peggy with the trio online:

Source: Facebook, YouTube

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