vendredi 23 septembre 2016

Luv' @ Mega Piraten Festijn

Yesterday, the website of Dutch local newspaper "de Gelderlander" announced that Luv' were one of the acts which would be performing at the "Mega Piraten Festijn", a huge show at the GelreDome, the football stadium with a retractable roof in Arnhem, NL on December 10th. 

Among the other artists which will be present: Jan Smit, Frans Bauer, Marianne Weber, Bonnie St. Claire, Frans Duijts, Mr Polska...

Click here for information. 
Beginning: 7.00 P.M
End: 11.00 P.M
Time for Luv's performance: 9.00 P.M

Source: de Gelderlander, Vakantie Veilingen, Mega Piraten Festijn

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