dimanche 7 août 2016

Pics and videos: Luv' @ EuroPride 2016

Yesterday, Luv' gave a great performance at the EuroPride 2016 (hosted in conjunction with the Amsterdam Gay Pride). 

Several pictures and videos of the show have been posted on social media.

The latest edition of the biggest gay event in the Netherlands was special. The municipality of Amsterdam worked with the judiciary, police and National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security to make sure that sufficient security measures were in place for EuroPride 2016.

We are extra alert. Many visible and invisible measures were already taken after earlier attacks in Belgium and France”, a spokesperson for Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said to AT5. “All major cities in Western Europe have to do with it, thus also Amsterdam. Gay Pride is an important event that is a symbol for freedom. Our aim is to let normal life continue as much as possible and not to live in fear.

Photos (credits: René Paul Kremer, Silvia Moos, Luv' Official Facebook Page, Lodewijk de Ruiter):

Google album (photos and videos) by Lodewijk de Ruiter: click here to see it.

YouTube Videos:

Casanova (posted by TVuitzendingen2)

Casanova (posted by Lodewijk de Ruiter)

You're the Greatest Lover (posted by Leonsamsterdam)

Source: Facebook, YouTube, NLTimes.nl...

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