vendredi 5 août 2016

Luv's photonovel on Facebook

Yesterday, the first episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on the group's official Facebook Page. The ladies were having a "serious" discussion about the outfits they would wear at the Amsterdam Gay Pride. Tomorrow they will be performing at the Euro Pride at the Halvemaansbrug at 11.15 P.M in Amsterdam.

For our Luv' girls the EuroPride was approaching....but they hadn't chosen their outfits yet...

Marga: What are we going to wear girls? This edition is going to be very special....

Ria: I don't care as long as it's not'll never see me wearing it....

José: But Hey! Has everybody been vaccinated against the bird flu?....Then the ladies went to Artis (Amsterdam zoo)

Marga: "Wow! That's great! But can we groove with it?"

José: Haha! Let's hope that a peacock in heat won't run to us....I'm bad at laying eggs....!

So now what....? What are we going to wear on August 6th for our performance at the GayPride?

Ria thinks: "On August 6th I'm going to have fun....after the show at home maybe with a nice security guard?

To see more news, visit Luv's Official Facebook Page:

Source: Facebook

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