mardi 26 juillet 2016

Patty Brard says "no" more often than "yes" to SBS 6

Recently, Patty Brard gave an interview to Dutch weekly television listings magazine "TROS Kompas" (see news posted on July 22nd, 2016). The diva is proud that she is still active on SBS 6 at her age (61). "I'm still happy with the programs that are still offered to me and I say "no" more often than "yes". It's a comfortable position," she tells TROS Kompas. In addition to her contributions to weekly programs, Miss Brard is also busy on the daily "Shownieuws". "I've been doing it for a long time and it's not boring. Every day is different. I love showbiz and it's still fascinating to me," she adds.

She doesn't consider trading Shownieuws for new adventures. "What I appreciate is that I don't depend on an autocue and I can decide what my subjects are," she explains.

Her job on SBS 6 is not in danger. "I'm very satisfied about it and it has also got to do with other programs that I'm doing like "Bonje Met De Buren" and "Met De Deur In Huis". The new season of these TV shows starts in August.....I can do whatever I want and I like it!".

Source:, TROS Kompas

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