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Interview with Patty Brard in Libelle

The latest issue of Libelle magazine (which comes out tomorrow) features a tell-all interview with Patty Brard. The diva discusses her career and personal issues (including the difficulties with her daughter with whom she has not been on speaking terms for more than six years).

A part of the interview has been posted on the website of the magazine. Here's a translation in English:

Patty Brard about her daughter: "If I could make things better, I would do it".

Libelle: You've been working for SBS 6 for years. Do you belong to this place?

Patty: What should I do at my age? I could do nothing on RTL. I'm not young and slim anymore. So what should I do? I like what I'm doing on SBS. I like the team spirit. When one cannot complete a task, the other can continue it. And I like people who work hard. I act a bit as a mother in a team. I bring my picnic basket full of food, plasters and bandages. "Come to aunt Patty", that's what I tell my colleagues.

Libelle: Do you think that you have to slow down?

Patty: I would like to work behind the cameras. Every day I long to slow down. But in the evening in my bed I rejoice at the next day: "oh, great! I'm going to do this or that!". I'm 61 and I know that one day my career on TV will stop. I remember when Robert Jensen once asked me: "How long will you carry on? I was 45 and I answered: "I hope that I will stop when I'm 50"? Then he said to me: "I don't see it happen. You're going to get bored very quickly when you're home". I had to laugh very loud. "Oh no," I said. "Look at me now. I've never been that busy."

Libelle: Do you have many requests and projects?

Patty: Yes. All day long. Recently I was asked to participate in a mud race. I said: "No I don't want to do it". Then I was asked to present it on TV. And then I changed my mind and I accepted it of course.

Libelle: Do you miss your husband Antoine during your trips and activities?

Patty: Con (Patty's friend and make-up artist) and me were joking earlier today and said: "actually we don't miss anyone because we have fun together. It's good to be together without the dogs and the pressure of home."

Libelle: Two years ago you married Antoine. Has your relationship with him changed?

Patty: "No. We had already been ten years together. Antoine brought stability in my life. I say to myself: "he is right". He takes me to the fitness center, prepares my vitamins and says to me: "take them". He takes time and sometimes it's not compatible with my schedule.....We complement each other very well. I can tell him eveything. Recently I was in Italy and I thought: how is Carlo? Carlo is my first husband and the father of my daughter Priscilla. Soon I'm going to meet him. I can tell it to Antoine."

Libelle: Why do you meet Carlo?

Patty: Because of our daughter Priscilla. It's good that he feels connected to us.

Libelle: Is your daughter in contact with her father?

Patty: "Yes but I don't want to talk about it to the press. It's annoying because she thinks it's annoying. We had an agreement never to talk about it publicly. I read somewhere that more than 50% of Dutch families have feuds over relationships, money and other reasons. To me it's incredible but this is what I'm going through. It's crazy that we don't know what's the reason of this quarrel. I know that an argument doesn't have to last too long because you don't know how it will end. If it lasts too long, you don't remember how it started. If I could make things better, I would do it.".

Libelle: You've been through so many things in your life: turbulent love affairs, dramatic break-ups, huge success, debts, one bankruptcy as well as arguments with colleagues and family. An eventful life. You're still in the spotlight. How do you do that?

Patty: "I want to send positive vibes to people. Of course I'm sad. I think it's a bad situation between me and Priscilla. It's not supposed to be like that. I know it. I see people fighting on "Bonje met de buren" (TV program on SBS 6 in which Patty tries to solve problems between neighbours). And then I tell them: "Why don't you say things directly once and for all?" Because when you talk about troubles, there's a reconciliation. I have nothing to hide and want to discuss problems. I just want love and pleasure, fun and conviviality. If it doesn't succeed, I have to let it go.

Source: Libelle

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