vendredi 20 mai 2016

Pics: Luv' @ Knowing Fashion

A couple of months ago, Luv' announced their resurrection in Holland's most-read newspaper "De Telegraaf" and its sister magazine "Privé" causing a wave of positive reactions among the fans (see news posted on March 16th, 2016). 

José Hoebee and Marga Scheide were abroad on holidays recently and now are back home. With Ria Thielsch, they can concentrate on their comeback.

Earlier today, the ladies went to the Knowing Fashion store in Zandvoort,NL to choose new outfits for TV shows and live performances. Remy Cornet (manager of the clothing brand) posted two nice pictures of the trio on his Facebook page. What a great foretaste of the future projects, isn't it?

Knowing Fashion official website:
The recently founded brand describes itself as "the ultimate mix between Bohemian elegance and the Ibiza look".

Source: Facebook (Remy Cornet)

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