vendredi 20 mai 2016

Dolly Dots at De Toppers mega disco show!

Last weekend, Dolly Dots performed at De Toppers "Royal Night of Disco" concerts at the Amsterdam ArenA. It was their first show since Ria Brieffies' death in 2009. A very emotional moment for the ladies and their fans. The group sang a medley of their classic hits: "Do You Wanna Wanna", "Don't Give Up", "She's a Liar", "Radio", "He-la-di-la-di-lo", "(We tell it all about) Boys" and "Love me just a little bit more (Totally hooked on you)". Among the other guest performers were 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Robin S, Rick Astley, Glennis Grace and George McCrae.

The Dutch tabloid press often insists on the fact that Dolly Dots and Luv' were rivals, which is not true. Patty Brard and José Hoebee always speak about the Dots positively (see news posted on December 20th 2015). 

Ten years ago, Luv' also gave a flamboyant guest performance at De Toppers show:

Luv' medley @ De Toppers show (May 2006)

Source: Facebook, YouTube

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