vendredi 13 mai 2016

Patty in "Story": "SBS 6 is good for female presenters"

In a recent interview published in Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story", Patty Brard praises her employer, SBS 6 TV channel because of the way mature female presenters are treated. 

"SBS 6 is very good for female presenters. Age and appearance are not the only elements that count. I think that women like Irene Moors and me should be appreaciated. In other TV channels, I see young and thin girls who conduct interviews. They are only chosen because of their appearance and are not experienced," the  diva says.

The 61 year old TV personality is doing well. "In addition to "Shownieuws" and "Bonje met de buren" I'm a panellist on "Met de deur in huis" in which we visit the houses of Dutch celebrities," she adds. 

Source: Story,

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