vendredi 13 mai 2016

Patty and Tineke solve their problems

Patty Brard and Tineke Schouten have resolved their media dispute of 2009. That's what the humorist told Party magazine. The ladies can be seen on SBS 6's program "Met de deur in huis". Miss Schouten has forgiven Miss Brard for her rude remarks. 

"Now it's over. Once she said something negative about my TV show. She told that my public was composed of people over 80 but she didn't mean to be cruel," Tineke explains. 

In 2009, Brard's program "Wie Ben Ik?" on SBS 6 had to face competition with "Typisch Tineke" on RTL 4. "Everybody says that my viewing figures decrease but Tineke Schouten has a great market share among the 80-90 age group," the former Luv' singer declared at the time. 

But seven years later, the feud is history. The two TV personalities are on good terms. 

Source:, Party

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