mercredi 3 juin 2015

Presentation of the "Patty Brard" and "Kees Tol" lilies

Patty's lily

This evening saw the presentation of two varieties of lilies named after Patty Brard and Kees Tol to the press in Leiden. Lucas Vos (director of FloraHolland) posed with the two "Shownieuws" experts and their "flowers" for photographs. 

Kees Tol, Lucas Vos & Patty Brard

These lilies were developed by Vletter & Den Haan (one of the market leader in the field of lily (lilium) breeding in the Netherlands). 

According to Dutch newspaper AD (Algemeen Dagblad), these flowers might be available to the public in 2018. The production process is very long. But if it seems that these lily varieties are not commercially attractive, they won't be launched. 

Miss Brard told the press that to have a flower named after her was a real honour.

Source: AD, BN DeStem, Twitter (@LucasVos_FH, @IlFloricultore)

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