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One More Little Kissy: 35th anniversary

Patty, Marga & José in colourful costumes used for TV performances of "One More Little Kissy"

Thirty five years ago, on June 7th 1980, "One More Little Kissy" (also credited "One More Little Kissie"), Luv's 11th single released by CNR/Carrere, entered the legendary Dutch Top 40. It was the last record featuring Patty Brard. The beautiful Indo Dutch singer unexpectedly left the group in July 1980.

A real media circus surrounded the release of "One More Little Kissy", a bubblegum pop/exotica single written by Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer (under the pseudonym "Janschen & Janschens"). 

The song appeared on the 1980 re-issue of Luv's third LP "True Luv" and the fourth album
"Forever Yours". 


After their 750.000 Dutch Guilder contract with CNR/Carrere Records in late 1979, the Luv' ladies were dreaming of a bright future and hoped to conquer new territories. Luv's first release for Carrere, the pop single "Ooh, Yes I Do" became a hit in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France as well as in Mexico. In May 1980, the group even travelled by Concorde to Zapata's country to receive a gold record for "Si, Que Si(the Spanish version of  "Ooh, Yes I Do") (see article posted on May 10th, 2015).

Luv' also tried their luck in Russia and Japan. 

In an article published on April 26th, 1980, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf announced that the trio would sing in Moscow, Soviet Union in the summer. They were invited by the Russian authorities to perform on Soviet Central television. They were also expected to put out an album entitled "From Russia with Luv'". This great news coincided with the political turmoil caused by the boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow by some Western countries. 

The three lovely singers wanted to follow in the footsteps of Boney M. who made a much publicized promotional visit to the USSR in 1978.

article published in De Telegraaf (April 26th, 1980)

Moreover, Luv' was supposed to take part in the World Popular Song Festival (also known as Yamaha Music Festival) in Tokyo, Japan. This contest could mean their breakthrough in Asia.

Article in the Limbursch Dagblad on June 14th, 1980 (the girls told their projects in Japan and Russia)

Unfortunately, these above-mentioned projects fell through because of Patty's sudden departure from Luv' in July 1980 due to her relationship with Italian record executive Carlo NasiPrior to this, Marga Scheide started to date TV mogul John de Mol which caused a sensation in the tabloid press in Holland. These love stories overshadowed Luv's activities. 

Article published in De Telegraaf on May 3rd, 1980 about the love life of Patty and Marga

YouTube videos

Luv' on André van Duin's TV show

One More Little Kissie (the video was added to the second broadcast of "This Is True Luv" TV special on NCRV on July 4th 1980)

Chart performance

Though "One More Little Kissy" did not have the potential of million sellers like "You're the Greatest Lover" or "Trojan Horse", it was a Top 10 hit in the Netherlands. It peaked at #15 on the BRT Top 30 in Belgium and at #17 on the BT Hitliste in Denmark. It was a minor hit in Germany as it reached the 75th position on Musikmarkt/Media Control Charts.

Tracklisting & release

One More Little Kissy
7" vinyl single (45 rpm) - original release by CNR/Carrere Records in May 1980

A side: One More Little Kissy (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:49
B side: I win It (Janschen & Janschens) - 3:05

    Dutch sleeve

     German sleeve

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    • The Story of Luv' by Peter Boonstra

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    1. Quand les groupes perdent leurs membres emblématiques, l'aventure ne dure souvent pas très longtemps ensuite... on l'a constaté avec les Village People et le départ de Victor Willis, avec Eruption sans Precious Wilson...et c'est la même qui est arrivée à Luv'. Je suis sûr que les filles auraient encore eu du succès pendant au moins quelques années...avec tous ces projets, URSS et Asie...et puis leur son caractéristique, pop avec toujours cette influence disco... Arabesque a bien marché jusqu'au milieu des 80's. Pourquoi exactement le groupe n'a pas continué après le départ de Patty ? Est-ce Hans Van Hemert qui a jeté l'éponge ?

      1. Le groupe Luv' a continué puisqu'en Août 1980, Ria a remplacé Patty et à l'automne 1980, la nouvelle formation a inscrit un nouveau succès dans le Top 5 belge et hollandais avec "My Number One". Peu après, Marga est tombé en dépression. Et en mars 1981, le groupe s'est séparé. Il y a eu plusieurs comebacks par la suite (1989, 1993, 2005...). Le groupe Luv' s'est définitivement arrêté en Août 2012....

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