mercredi 10 juin 2015

"The Story of Luv" banned from sale (temporarily?)

Luv' as guest performers at Gerard Joling's show in 2009

Today Dutch media announced that "The Story of Luv" (the biography written by Peter Boonstra and including exclusive pictures of Holland's greatest girl group) was banned from sale. Several photos might have been published without authorization. 

The book might be available for sale again only if legal issues with photographer Claude Vanheye are solved. Peter told Dutch newspaper "AD" that he was allowed to use the related pictures by courtesy of Universal Music. But the record company forgot to inform Vanheye.

Patty Brard is opposed to this publication whereas her former Luv' colleagues, Marga Scheide and José Hoebee support Peter's initiative. Yesterday, the diva talked about this subject on "Shownieuws" (SBS 6): "I was not the only one who wanted to forbid it. Together with several photographers we wanted to take the writer of the book to court on the basis of the right of publicity and the authors' right. We have won the first battle. Now the sale of the book is banned. Moreover, other photographers have come forward. So the lawsuit continues."

José reacted this evening on Facebook and posted this message:
"One more time....Peter Boonstra is not sued . He did everything respectfully. Universal gave permission for the photos because they bought them from the photographers. If there's a mistake, it's not Peter's fault and Universal will be sued. Peter is so kind that he interrupts the sale because he respects Universal. Actually, he is not supposed to do it....Govert de Roos (one of the photographers) doesn't understand the situation. This sweety is even photographed with the book although the front cover is not his. That's class. Unfortunately it became a bad story....but who's wrong??? Peter is not crazy....He did everything very well.....Marga and I helped him with this fabulous document. She (Patty) has won the first battle but not really 'cause Peter is allowed to go on. But he is too kind to do it and is waiting for a solution. Everything's gonna be all right....

I wish Peter good luck and hope that "The Story of Luv" will be sold again. 

Source: De Telegraaf, AD, Shownieuws, RTL Nieuws,, Facebook....

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