samedi 2 mai 2015

Pics: Press launch of "The Story of Luv" (Courtesy of Kuiper Fotografie)

Hans Klok, José Hoebee, Peter Boonstra, Ria Thielsch, Marga Scheide & Hans van Hemert proudly present "The Story of Luv"

Last year, Facebook friend and professional photographer Herman Erik Kuiper (in association with his partner Stephan Wijnen) took pictures of José Hoebee for the cover of her "Noheyo" single (see news posted on May 12th, 2014). Earlier this year, the boys supervised another photo session with José and Marga Scheide for the Luv's photo book (see news posted on January 30th, 2015). 

Yesterday, Herman Erik and Stephan attended the press launch of "The Story of Luv" (see article posted on May 1st, 2015). Here are their pictures of the event (bravo gentlemen!):

 Stephan & Herman Erik

Peter Boonstra

 Viola Holt & Stephan

 José Hoebee, Ria Thielsch & Marga Scheide

 José, Hans Klok & Marga

Marga Scheide

 José & Herman Erik 

 José & Stephan

Source: Facebook (Kuiper Fotografie)

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