samedi 2 mai 2015

José's Facebook message about the release of "The Story of Luv"

In show business, never say never. Recently, José Hoebee told that she would never post any message on Facebook after Patty Brard's criticism about Luv's photo book.  But the singer changed her mind. Yesterday, the press launch of this long-awaited publication took place in Hilversum (see previous article).

Here's what José wrote about it on Facebook:

"Today was fantastic....So many kind people...The press was very positive....By the way, it has to be positive. A beautiful book...My dear friend Hans Klok made a kind presentation. Showbiz friends who followed our career and who thought it was a good event. Everybody likes the book....Not a bad scrapbook...I've heard from professionals that the book is very good....Peter could not have a better compliment....Thank you Peter...XXX."

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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