samedi 8 février 2014

Patty Brard: TV Kantine, Natural Born Movers, TV viewing figures, Weekend columns, De Telegraaf & AD

* On February 1st, RTL 4 program "De TV Kantine" featured a parody of Patty Brard's recent interview with Ruud Schepers (described by the media as Onno Hoes' "toy boy"). The show drew 1.622.000 viewers (market share: 22.3%)

A parody of Patty's interview based on Pharrell Williams hit "Happy"

Source: RTL 4, YouTube, Stichting KijkOnderzoek

* On February 2nd, Miss Brard was a guest speaker at "Natural Born Movers", a series of conferences, lectures and workshops about personal development. This event took place at ‘De Nieuwe Nobelaer’ in Etten-Leur, NL.

* Latest viewing figures of TV programs (featuring Patty Brard):
  • February 4th: "Show Vandaag" (SBS 6): 195.000 viewers/market share: 5.6%
  • February 4th: "Lust, Liefde of Laten Lopen" (rerun - RTL 5): 171.000 viewers/ market share: 2.6%
  • February 5th: "Show Laat" (SBS 6): 519.000 viewers / market share: 12.8%
Patty & former "Shownieuws" colleague Viktor Brand on "Show Vandaag" (Feb. 4)

Patty, Kees Tol & Bridget Maasland on "Show Laat" (Feb. 5)

Source: SBS 6, RTL 5, SKO, Patty Brard's Facebook & Twitter accounts

* Latest columns written by Patty Brard for Weekend Magazine:
  • February 5th: Justin Bieber's outrageous behaviour : click here to read it. 
  • January 29th: Guy van der Rijden (3SIXTY5-personal trainers): click here to read it. 

* Today's edition of Holland's greatest newspapers "De Telegraaf" and "Algemeen Dagblad" features La Brard

Source: De Telegraaf, AD

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