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Gemma van Eck (former 'Babe' singer) bankrupt

In 1979, as the Luv' girls were at the height of their career, Dutch record producer and songwriter Peter Koelewijn launched a rival trio called "Babe". Gemma van Eck was the first lead singer of this female pop group. In 1981, "Tick-A-Thumps My Heart" (one of Babe's single) was produced by Hans van HemertJosé Hoebee and Marga Scheide secretly provided vocals on that record (see Chapter V of Luv's biography). Then, Gemma left Babe and was replaced by Marga BultThis talented vocalist went solo and later sang in several musicals. In 2007 she was a judge on SBS 6 talent show "So You Wanna Be A Popstar". Last year, she appeared in Story Magazine with Marga Scheide and Debbie Jenner (Doris D. & The Pins) to discuss her experience as a former member of a girl group (see news posted on February 16th, 2013).

Babe in 1980

Babe: The Drunken Sailor (1980)

In 1981, Marga Scheide was in charge of Babe's styling for "Tick-A-Thumps My Heart"

Earlier this week, the media reported that Gemma was bankrupt. The artist is hoping for a scenario à la Patty Brard and José Hoebee. The ex-Luv' singers experienced financial troubles in the past. In 1994, Patty lost everything but was helped by her showbiz friends (including Leontine Borsato and the extravagant owner of "De iT" club Manfred Langer). One year and a half ago, Viola Holt and the legendary conductor Harry van Hoof were among the ones who supported José after her husband's death. 

Pop star Gerard Joling wanted to lend a helping hand. He did his best to have Gemma in the second season of "Sterren Springen" (Celebrity Splash!), SBS 6 celebrity diving competition. Unfortunately, the ex-member of "Babe" cannot participate because of a hearing loss. 

Gemma van Eck, Maggie MacNeal & Marga Bult

Moreover, Maggie MacNeal (from 1970's duo "Mouth & MacNeal") was angry with La Brard after remarks she made on SBS 6 entertainment news program "Show Laat". Patty called Babe a cheap imitation of Luv'. "Gemma's career is as dead as her hair," the diva joked. Maggie posted the following message on Facebook: "After watching Show Laat, I thought that Patty Brard suffered from irreversible brain damage because of "Sterren Springen". She forgot her own past....that's silly."

Source: Martin Vink, De Telegraaf, Weekend, RTL Boulevard, Maggie MacNeal Facebook...

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