jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Patty: "RTL's management has been cynical towards me"

The 2012-2013 season was very hectic for Patty Brard. She worked as a freelance TV personality on several projects for two TV networks: RTL 5 and SBS 6. But as a promoter of the "team spirit" she wanted to belong to "one family". That's what happened when she signed an exclusive contract with SBS (see news poted on August 31st 2013). Miss Brard told Weekend magazine that she didn't appreciate the way RTL's management reacted to her wish to be part of one TV channel. "People from the business considered my comments in the press as an application for a job and the heads of RTL were cynical towards me," the diva said. Now she's back for good on SBS 6. "I'm so happy thanks to my exclusive two-year deal with SBS 6. I'm so proud! I'm not allowed to say what I'm going to do but WE will do it. "WE", I'm saying "WE". What a nice feeling!," she added.

Source: Weekblad Weekend,

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