jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Miss Brard's column about Cornald "Calimero" Maas

Cornald "Calimero" Maas at the latest Amsterdam Gay Pride in early August 2013

Patty Brard's latest column in Weekend magazine deals with her special relationship with Dutch TV personality Cornald Maas. The former Luv' singer strongly criticized his presentation of Amsterdam Gay Pride on AVRO channel (see news posted on August 7th 2013). She called him a "sweaty Calimero". She also wrote about his rude joke on her at the Televizier-Ring Gala (Dutch TV awards). Recently, Patty and him met at a party after a Glennis Grace's concert. They talked about their dispute and Cornald promised that he would never read a stupid story from an autocue during ceremonies.

To read Pat's column, click here

Source: Weekblad Weekend

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