dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Patty: "nice feeling" on SBS 6

Patty Brard's latest column in Weekend magazine deals with her recent career move. In late August, the diva signed a two-year contract with SBS 6 (see news posted on August 31st 2013). What a fabulous revenge and turnaround! 
In 2011, her deal with the TV network was not extended and she was dismissed. Fortunately, Patty kept herself busy. She released her "Patty's Party Volume 1" album (featuring Dutch Carnival songs) and appeared on RTL 4's reality show "Diva's Draaien Door". Then came "Sterren Springen" (aka "Celebrity Splash"), the diving competition in which she stole the show. The format of this high-rated program was sold to 30 countries thanks to her failed dive. The TV star later participated in other short-term projects as a freelance professional. But she was longing for stability. "As a football player, you don't want to work for Ajax one week and for Feyenoord the following weekend", Patty wrote.

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Source: Weekend

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