lundi 8 juillet 2013

Patty's latest media news

* Yesterday's broadcast of BNN/Nederland 3's panel game show "Ranking the Stars" (featuring Patty Brard) attracted 513.000 viewers (overall market share: 10.2%).
To watch the program, click here

Source: BNN/Kijk Onderzoek

* Patty's latest column in Weekend magazine is about her Shownieuws colleague Bridget Maasland. To read it, click here

Source: Weekend

* The July issue of HP/De Tijd magazine features an interview with La Brard. The diva discusses several issues (her showbiz colleagues (Tatjana Simic, Beau van Erven Dorens and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk), her TV career (Sterren Springen)...

Source: HP/De Tijd

* The larger than life TV personality appeared on the late-night edition of "Shownieuws" (SBS 6) on July 4th (710.000 viewers/overall market share: 16.9%) and on July 5th (535.000 viewers/overall market share: 12.4%). Info: 

Source: SBS / Stichting Kijk Onderzoek

Kees Tol & Patty Brard on Shownieuws

* Filming of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) movie (featuring Gerard Joling and Miss Brard) started last weekend. The former Luv' singer plays the role of Joling's assistant (see news posted on June 20th 2013). 

Source: Patty Brard's Facebook Page

Pat & Geer on the set of St Nicholas movie

* Patty and Dutch-Surinamese girl group "Mai Tai" will be performing live on the RozeMaandagExpress (Pink Monday Express), a party train from Amsterdam to Tilburg on July 22. This special event is part of Roze Maandag (the biggest gay festival in the Netherlands).  For more information go to

* Recently Pat reacted on "Shownieuws" to the eviction of her friend Patricia Paay from RTL 4. "Patricia has been a member of the jury of "Holland's Got Talent" for years and she has done it very well. She did it on SBS 6 and then the show was transferred to RTL 4. She was the leading lady of the jury but I think it's sad when everything stops," Miss Brard said. 

Source: PowNed/Shownieuws

* RTL 4 will rerun "Diva's Draaien Door" (the reality show starring Patty Brard, Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic helping small-sized companies in decline). The first episode will be repeated on July 17th at 9.30 pm. The program first aired in September 2011 and was successful. It averaged 1 million viewers. 

Source: RTL 4

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