mardi 9 juillet 2013

José's message to her Facebook fans

José and Viola Holt in Greece
Photo credit: José Hoebee's Official Fan Club

Yesterday José Hoebee posted a message on Facebook. Recently the singer spent one week with her friend Viola Holt in Euboea (Evvia), the second largest Greek island. 

I've translated her text in English for the non-Dutch fans:

"Hi everybody!

I'm not comfortable with Facebook. Tim (José's son) still has to help me. But because I've had so many kind reactions, I want to respond. My holidays on Evvia (Greece) that I got through Viola and Prinos Reizen (a travel agency) were fantastic. I highly recommend this destination. Will's birthday was very hard for me but my dear Viool eased my pain. Now I'm back home. Fortunately the weather is fine and I'm happy to see Tim and Toontje (my dog) again. Luckily, I'm kept busy. My dear friends visit me. Yesterday it was the birthday of my 80-year-old Indonesian aunt. This evening I'm going to eat Satay at my neighbour's home and next weekend I'll go to Maastricht. It feels so good to be surrounded by nice people. Thanks for your support. Even if I don't react often, I read everything. 

Kindest regards,

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page + Fan Club

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