jeudi 11 juillet 2013

Gerard Joling: "Patty suffered so much because of me!"

Dutch Pop Star and TV personality Gerard Joling is a real friend to Patty Brard. He has always helped the diva in good and troubled times. Today's edition of De Telegraaf/Privé features an article about the two celebrities.

"Patty suffered so much during programs that I hosted. For example, in 2007 on "Sterren dansen op het ijs" (the celebrity ice skating competition on SBS 6) when she did the splits. Or her participation in "Sterren Springen" when she missed her dive. She's still in pain. It's terrible! That's why I offered her a role as my assistant in "Sinterklaas en de pepernoten chaos" (St. Nicholas movie)," Joling told.

Source: De Telegraaf/Patty Brard's Facebook Page

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