jeudi 28 mars 2013

Patty's finances are good again!

Patty & Antoine

Two years ago, Patty Brard was in trouble after her deal with SBS 6 was not extended and she was dismissed from "Shownieuws". But now her worries are over and her finances seem to be excellent. That's what the diva told Story magazine. Her fiancé Antoine van de Vijver is in charge of her accountancy. "Recently we had a business talk. He said: "Pat, you made profits. Financially you're OK." I don't know how much I have on my bank account. I keep on going. It feels like a victory," Patty explained.
Miss Brard is so proud that RTL and SBS have been interested in her. These good news eased her mind. Patty is not the kind of woman to give up. "If I had not been busy on TV, I would have chosen another job: in a shop, on a market or anywhere else. My biggest asset is my willpower. I want it all! If I can make money with it then I do it," she added.

Source:, Story

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