jeudi 30 août 2012

Patty forgives Tatjana

Patty Brard told Story magazine that she forgave Tatjana Simic. Last year, the ladies appeared with Patricia Paay on RTL 4 reality show "Diva's draaien door". Thanks to the success of the program, they decided to form a girl group. But a catfight between Patty and Tatjana occured through the media in early May (see news posted on May 5th 2012) and they stopped their partnership.
La Brard said about her rival: "I forgive Tatjana despite all the bad things she did in the past. According to me, Diva's draaien door is and remains a great program. Patricia Paay refused to have anything to do with Tatjana." She added: "Due to the fact that you're considered dead by the TV networks when you're over 40 and that I'm almost 60, I have to find my salvation in other projects. That's why I don't have a problem with the decision of RTL 4 to cancel the second season of "Diva's". 

Source: De Telegraaf, Story

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