jeudi 30 août 2012

Marga in Privé

Marga Scheide owns the copyright of the name " Luv'and was part of all the incarnations of the trio. As Patty Brard was ready to form another act with Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic in early 2012, Marga decided to disband Luv' and announced the news on the radio (see article posted on March 13th). 

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an interview with Miss Scheide. Thanks Martin Vink for the tip! The blonde singer answered questions about Holland's most successful girl group and personal issues (like her love life with John de Mol, Jacques Zwart and Michiel Gunning)

Below: scans of Privé magazine (courtesy of Jennifer / Marga Scheide

Source: Luv' Official Fan Club (Forum)

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