samedi 4 août 2018

With Luv' from Patty...

Here is the latest news of Patty Brard:

* Latest columns for Weekend magazine:
  • July 25th: About "Het Italiaanse Dorp: Ollolai" - Patty is a fan of RTL 4's new reality show featuring five Dutch couples who bought a ruined house in Ollolai, Sardinia for one euro. They have to restore the house in return and they have to contribute to the improvement of the local economy.  Click here to read the column. 

  • August 1st: About the heatwave in the Netherlands - Patty is used to hot temperatures when she is in her house in Ibiza but she is surprised by the current weather in Holland. The Dutch are not well prepared to face this hot summer. Click here to read the column. 
Source: Weekend

* Viewing figures of BNNVARA/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw and featuring Patty Brard):
  • July 22nd522.000 viewers/market share: 11.6%
  • July 29th: 355.000 viewers/market share: 10.1%

Source: NPO 3, SKO

* On July 25th, Miss Brard posted on social media a picture of herself with Nikkie de Jager (famous for her YouTube channel "NikkieTutorials"). The ex-SBS 6 star met the young lady for the taping of a new TV program entitled "VetGelukkig" on NTR/NPO 3. The diva and Dutch science journalist Diederik Jekel are involved in this TV project which deals with weight issues.

* La Brard's new vlog for "Patty op Ibiza" about her tips in Ibiza:

  • July 27th: Episode 1 - The best beaches in Ibiza

  • August 3rd: Episode 2: The best restaurants in Ibiza: click here to watch the vlog. 

On July 20th, Patty promoted her new vlog on RTL 4's program "RTL Boulevard". Click here to watch her interview. 

Source:, RTL Boulevard

* The latest issue of LINDA. magazine features an article about Luv's former singer.

Source: LINDA., Martin Vink

*Yesterday, Patty posted a picture of herself on Instagram to show how good she looked like. Earlier this year, she had a gastric bypass. Now she weighs 71.6 kilos.

Source: Patty Brard on social media

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