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With Luv' from David....

My interview with David Hay Gibson

Team spirit has always been important in Luv's career. Since their latest comeback in 2016, the ladies have been able to count on the support of their tour manager, David Hay Gibson. Like José Hoebee, David lives with his partner Leon in Best, a village in the southern Netherlands. 

I had the pleasure to meet him twice: last year at Luv's 40th-anniversary party (see news posted on July 9th, 2017) and then at one of José's lunch with other fans (see news posted on January 28th, 2018). We are friends on Facebook

Me, David and Marga Scheide at Luv's 40th-anniversary party (July 2017)

David and me at José's lunch (January 2018)

He's a real British gentleman who answers all my questions anytime I need to check a detail related to the group. He always shares pictures and videos of shows so that the Facebook team of Official Luv' (Marco Rens and me) can use them. I am very grateful for his tremendous input. He is a great asset to Luv'.

I've decided to interview David for my blog in order to put him in the spotlight. He gladly accepted to answer my questions.

Ralph: When and where were you born?

David: I was born on Saturday, 5th of November 1949 in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. I have dual nationality, namely British and Dutch.

Ralph: I saw on your Facebook page a picture of you as a young athlete posing with your trophies. So you had a sport career before you moved to the Netherlands?

David: Yes, I took up athletics in High School. I became a member of an Athletic Club and was trained and coached for international athletics during which time I represented my country and travelled a lot. Later I changed sport disciplines and played tennis which I continued after settling in the Netherlands. I played national competition tennis until I turned 50! 

David as an ambitious young athlete in 1967

Ralph: When did you meet Dusty Springfield for the first time? How did you launch her fan club?

David: I was introduced to Dusty by a friend for the first time in the late 1960s at a nightclub in London. We got on well and danced the night away together and became friends. I was asked to take over “The Official Dusty Springfield Fan Club” some years ago. I started with 232 members and now have almost 4500 members from all over of the world.

Signed photos of the legendary pop singer Dusty Springfield

Ralph:  What brought you to the Netherlands?

David: I was offered a job by a British/Dutch company whilst I was working in Kitzbühel, Austria. They simply made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse!

Ralph: When did you meet José Hoebee for the first time? What about your meeting with the other Luv' ladies?

David: I met José for the first time at the door of our first business premises in Best which we had coincidently bought from José’s godfather, Ad van de Wijdeven. She was walking with her son Tim, who was I think about three years old at the time! I met up with the other ladies of Luv' through José of course!

Ralph: How did you become Luv's tour manager? 

David: In late 2015 when José was making plans to return to Best a mutual acquaintance (we know many of the same people) suggested to her to approach me to assist her with her appearances with Luv'. From one thing came the other, and in no time I was looking after and arranging things for all three of the lovely Luv' ladies. I am referred to often as their "tour and or road manager", but most of all I make sure that the ladies are looked after, before, during and after the performances and assist them with their costumes in the dressing rooms. I protect and escort them to and from the stage. 

David and Luv' backstage at Hollands Glorie at Kursaal Oostende in Belgium (September 29th, 2017)

David & Luv' during a recent stay in Alicante, Spain (early June 2018)

A busy David backstage

Ralph: Apart from Luv' and Dusty, you've been involved in several activities with other singers. Can you tell us with whom you worked with?

David: I did P.R work for Do in and around the time of her world hit when she covered Brian Adam’s “Heaven”. I also looked after Ruth Jacott and Tatjana Simic when they appeared in the South of the Netherlands. Our business clients often asked me to look after their artists or guests when we had our agency, Van Diepen Gibson.

Do and David in 2004

David and Ruth Jacott during the Tour de France in 1996

David & Tatjana Simic at Eindhoven Airport in 1996

Ralph: What about your involvement in the local community in Best?  I saw that you had won some awards.

David: Leon and I became extremely involved with the community in Best soon after starting up our company, “Van Diepen Gibson druk & vormgeving” in the mid-1980s. I was still active in tennis. We adopted a tennis tournament which then became the “Van Diepen Gibson Open Dubbel Toernooi” which was held yearly. We also sponsored the yearly Carnival in Best. I was asked to join the Carnival Federation in Best to help improve the “podium presentation” of the yearly Prince and select and arrange the costumes. I guided the Prince and prepared a number of them and the “raad” for the Carnival season, which I did for 4 years. We also sponsored and helped bring the 2nd leg of the "Tour De France" to and through Best in 1996. We were members of the “Best Business Club” and had good contacts with our clients and suppliers. In 1997, we received the "citizen’s award for services to the community" which we both, to this day regard as a great honour. In 2004, we were awarded the “Business Men Of The Year Award” for our contribution to business and service to the community in Best.

Van Diepen & Gibson tennis tournament in 1998

Ralph: Apart from the concert dates mentioned on the Official Luv' fan page on Facebook, are there any other gigs that are planned? Any other future plans? 

David: There are a couple of private gigs planned in addition to the publicised Luv' diary for 2018.

Ralph: Honestly, during Luv's heyday (1977 - 1981) did you listen to their music?

David: Yes, I honestly did! I was working in Italy and Austria during the first couple of years of their career. Many of my Dutch clients made sure that I listened to Luv's music. When I finally moved to the Netherlands in late 1979, I was familiar with their songs and watched many of their TV appearances. I made friends with many people in Best before moving here myself. Of course, I knew that José was from Best!

Ralph:  What are your favourite Luv' songs? Favourite José songs?

David: My favourite Luv' songs are Ann-Maria, The Night Of Love, I.M.U.R. Life Is On My Side, Welcome To My Party, Ooh, Yes I Do, Trojan Horse.....My favourite songs by José are Secret Love, Scarborough Fair, I Love You, Time Goes By and of course I Will Follow Him

Ralph: You know I'm French. Which French singers do you like?

David: Yes, I know you’re French Ralph...believe it or not, I loved Mireille Mathieu way back in the 1960s, Edith Piaf and Sacha Distel. I was also very fond of Petula Clark whom I know is British and French. Petula is married to her French manager, producer and agent, Claude Wolff. They've been living in France since the late 1960s. English friends of mine have a record label in the U.K. and still release Petula’s records! 

Many THANKS to David for making this interview possible !!!

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