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Luv' in Story: "Despite the problems, the ladies don't stop performing!!!" + beautiful pics in Spain!!!

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story" features an article about Luv'. The weekly publication uses a sensationalist style to mention Luv's recent misadventures. Marga Scheide was interviewed recently to discuss the problems of the group.

Photos by Edwin Smulders / Text by Ben Holthuis

Two years ago, when Luv' did their comeback, they collaborated with their manager Walter van der Schaaff (of Quadra Group BV). Unfortunately, this collaboration ended rapidly as the Luv' singers were not satisfied with the way Walter guided their career. 

Moreover, the trio was supposed to record new material with American producer Juan Cristobal Losada (who worked previously with Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira). Henk Schorel (CEO of Viva Canal, an international TV, music and entertainment company) coupled Luv' with Juan. But Henk's wife got very seek and Luv's plan to record new songs was put on hold. 

Story also reports an incident which occurred earlier this month in Spain. The group was supposed to give an open-air performance in Guardamar del Segura. Unfortunately, their show was cancelled due to bad weather conditions (see news posted on June 8th, 2018). 

Despite these problems and the fact that Patty Brard is not part of the group anymore, the Luv' ladies still enjoy their gigs and want to go on.

In addition to this article, beautiful pictures of Luv's recent stay in Spain were posted on the Official Luv' fan page on Facebook (Photos by David Hay Gibson):

Luv' with sound technician Charles Olthof and tour manager David Hay Gibson

Luv' with Harold and Chantal Bekelaar-Mensinck, the owners of "Casa Almendros" in Quesada - Royales (Alicante)

Source: Story, Official Luv' (Facebook), Martin Vink

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