lundi 21 mai 2018

Patty Brard jealous of Patricia Paay's relationship with her daughter Christina

Patricia Paay & Christina Curry on "BN'ers in Therapy"

Patty Brard recently told Story magazine that she envied Patricia Paay's relationship with her daughter Christina Curry

Last year, Patricia was involved in a big sex tape scandal (see news posted on February 15th, 2017). Patty distanced herself from her. 

Now the two divas appear on RTL 5's latest reality show "BN'ers in Therapie". The first episode aired last week and featured Patricia and Christina having a therapy session conducted by psychiatric Esther van Fenema. It only drew 224.000 viewers (market share: 4.1%)

The episode featuring Patty will be broadcast later. The ex-Luv' singer hasn't been on good terms with her daughter Priscilla for more than eight years. She mentioned this touchy issue on BNNVARA's talk show "Pauw" (see news posted on May 17th, 2018). She is jealous of the special bond between Patricia and her daughter. "I really appreciate Christina. She is so kind. She wanted to hug me because she was happy to see me again. I'm really impressed by Christina. She is so calm. She has always supported her mother. I'm jealous of this relationship. I don't have such a bond with my daughter. I'm happy for Patricia because she has been through a lot of things," Patty explained to Story.

Source: Story

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