samedi 30 septembre 2017

Pics and videos: Luv' @ Hollands Glorie

Yesterday, Luv' gave a dazzling performance as part of the "Hollands Glorie" evening with Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder (formerly of BZN) and George Baker to a sold-out audience at the Kursaal Oostende in Belgium. The ladies were interviewed backstage by Flemish TV channel VRT

Here are pictures of this wonderful show (credits:  David Hay Gibson, Rudy Meyns, Martin Vink, Ria Thielsch, Lily Pothe, Marten Geukens (, Jan Huysentruyt, Hannes de Graaf

 Luv' posing with long-time fan Martin Vink who celebrated his 45th birthday. Martin has been following the ladies since 1978!

 Luv' and the host of "Hollands Glorie" Rudy Meyns

Luv' and their tour manager David Hay Gibson

Luv' and Dominique (new in the Luv' team)

Luv' and Tudor

Here are videos of the performance (filmed by David Hay Gibson and Dorothy Moeraert):


Hit medley

Source: Facebook

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